We’re Moving!

We’re Moving!

I’m excited to announce that Chris and I are moving!

After 3 years in our first homestead I’m excited and nervous to be moving. We have been searching for a house closer to our jobs for a while and nothing seemed to be working out. Then in the matter of days we found a home and have been accepted! I cannot wait to show you how adorable our new homestead is, expect picture overload. I’m thinking before and after pictures? YES!? It’s crazy how God works, when nothing seemed available and we were at the end of our rope God opened the perfect door. I think there’s a life lesson in there somewhere…

Any who when God moves it happens fast. We are saying goodbye to our homestead the end of the month.. that’s two weeks people TWO WEEKS! Pray for me…. does pinning a bunch of packing ideas count as packing? Also I’m going to need a name for this new home! It’s in our small little town and needs a name just as fitting as “the homestead.” 

I am looking forward to sharing this new exciting adventure with all of you! Stay tuned on Snapchat and Instagram for weekly updates handle: thecowboyandi

Comment bellow if there’s any moving and renting posts you would like to see!

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