Wednesday Braindump

Wednesday Braindump

Hey there, welcome to Wednesday Braindump!

Can I just say the first half of 2017 has been insane! So many things have changed, and happened. We moved into town, started new jobs, had surgery, dug deeper into our own ministry and more. It’s crazy to look back and realize half the year is already gone! Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? I’m also that person who has all these fun plans for summer but never seem to do any of them. Can anyone relate?

The good news is even if I don’t check off my summer fun list Chris and I will be returning to Disney in less than 100 days! I’ve been tossing around the idea of using Chatbooks to document our trip this year. Have you tried Chatbooks? Do  you like it? Leave me a comment or reach out on social media I would love to hear your thoughts.

Because of our love for Disney I’ve also been thinking of blogging more about Disney! I know lots of people ask us how we travel, where we stay, what do we eat and so on. If you are interested in Disney themed posts let me know! I’m always wanting to know what you enjoy reading, don’t hesitate to ask for reviews, or posts on anything!

Although I look distant here on the blog I still take hundreds of photos a month of my dog, coffee, Chris (he never lets me post them) and flowers. For your viewing pleasure… a picture dump of the past few months!

My bosses spoiled me for Administrative Assistants Day!

Since we moved into town Daisy won’t let me be in a room by myself and has to me touching me 🙂

Mercy is our friend’s little girl and she is the funniest kid I’ve met!

Our little town had a festival and it was fun to walk around town and try new things! 

I got the most delicious drink in one of these pineapples and it was amazing!

Chris and I spent a short weekend enjoying this view!

Our flowers are blooming at our new home and it brings a smile to my face every day!

Because this is Wednesday Braindump I have discovered the world of BitMojis and OH. MY. GOSH. How fun are they. After discovering how fun it is to use BitMojis I obviously made both my parents and Chris make ones. And for your enjoyment here are a few of my favorites. Not going to lie… these might become a norm around here…

Thanks for joining me for Wednesday Braindump, I really don’t have a meaning to this post other than I miss blogging so much and all of you!

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