We Bought A House!

We Bought A House!








Chris and I are excited to announce that we are officially home owners!

It’s so weird to even read that in my head, home owners… how did we even get here?!

I’ve had so many feels throughout this process. Nerves, excitement, more nerves, panic because a week out we had nothing packed, the list goes on and on. We are so blessed to have amazing Realtors who were able to help find us the perfect house to meet our needs.

Chris and I love hosting people. It’s been our goal from the beginning to create a home that people feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed. We prayed over our last rental asking God to create this atmosphere in our home. He is so good! I cannot tell you how many times our friends and new friends have told us how much they love coming over and how relaxed they’ve felt.

I did a study on the Bible App once about how our home is an Embassy of Heaven. An Embassy represents another country, land, and culture but is located on foreign land. It talked about how as Christians our homes should be embassies of Heaven. There is so much truth in this when we treat our homes as a representation of God’s heart!

We are beyond excited to start this new journey in our lives. Don’t worry I will try to share photos and updates on social media and here! Let me know if you have any tips on being home owners, or decorating!

Before I finish I wanted to share a prayer over our new house and for your home as well!

Heavenly Father,

You are so gracious to us and loving. Even when we do not deserve Your grace and mercy You give us these gifts so freely. None can compare to how great You truly are! Thank you Jesus for going before us and preparing a place for us in Heaven. While we await your beautiful return we ask that You bless our home! While we are still here, on Earth we ask that Your peace covers our home. That all who enter feel Your warm embrace, that they feel loved, seen, and understood. May family and friends frequently to enjoy each other’s company. We pray against the attack on our home that the Devil is sure to plan. As we dedicate our home to Your Good Works we ask that you bless it, and all those who enter inside. Thank you for Your protection, that is greater than any security system! We sing Your praises in our hearts and homes!



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  1. And Lord, bring peace, joy, love and many years of happiness to this couple as they seek your face in all they do, Amen (again)

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