The Story of Love, Passion, The Feeling of Puking, And a Bunch of Other Stuff

I can’t believe it’s only been a month! I feel as though The Cowboy and I have been together forever, it’s amazing living with your best friend. In honor of our one month of being married I decided to share with all of you what happened the night The Cowboy asked me to be his girlfriend. After bouncing my idea off him to blog our story he proclaimed he should tell it because I wouldn’t tell it right.

So here ya go folks’ the story of love, passion, the feeling of puking, and a bunch of other stuff told by The Cowboy.

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My name is The Cowboy, and I’m delighted to finally be able to share one of my absolute favorite memories from Stephanie and I’s relationship! And let me tell ya… I have been sworn to secrecy for almost 2 years up to now to not share this; so I am literally beaming with excitement!

                So let’s jump right in and let me set up the scene for you! It’s November 11th, 2012. The temperature is about 38 degrees, the moon is out with scattered clouds, and I have just arrived back from a promo trip to Indianapolis (where I got to ask her Dad for permission to date her and he said yes). I grab my bags, throw them in the back of my pick up, jump in my truck, and turn the key to hear the engine roar to life. (Now let me just say, there just ain’t a sound quite as sweet as a 5.3 Vortec with flowmasters roaring to life! Right guys?) I throw it in gear and race back to the apartments to pick up my (hopefully) soon to be girlfriend. As I pull in to the parking lot with my tail pipes poppin and radio rockin “A Country Boy Can Survive,” Stephanie runs out and jumps in. (She could always here my old truck so I never had to go in and get her lol.)

                Ecstatic to see each other, we take off down the road to one of my favorite spots on the creek to just have some time to talk about our trip (or so I wanted her to think). So we get down to the creek and park where we can see the moonlight on the water. I have romantic country music playing in the background and proceed in to a dialogue of telling her how her Dad said yes. At this point I’m excited and she’s excited and we’re nose to nose as I lean in to kiss her as I ask her out… I pop the minor question (Not the marriage question) and she says yes! We immediately lock lips for the first time. Let me tell ya, to me it was like fireworks are bursting in the air, the angels are singing, and the moment couldn’t get any better until…

(Let me just pause here to say that in her defense it was a rush of sensation and excitement, and in the words of Lightning McQueen, “I create feelings in others that they themselves don’t fully understand” lol. With that said, time to continue!)

                …the moment couldn’t get any better until… we unlock lips, look deep in to each other’s eyes and she yells out… I LOVE YOU! And BOOM we lock lips again lol. This time instead of a romantic moment it’s out of awkwardness of what do I say lol. I can tell she immediately regrets it and for a split second I don’t know whether to run or to laugh it off lol. (A little inside information: Previous to this I usually told my high school aged youth students that if a girl tells you she loves you on the first date that you should probably run or risk being tied up in her basement for the rest of your life so no one else can have you lol) As I think about it and we finally unlock lips for the 2nd time and make awkward eye contact I precede to say the following, “Steph… Those are very special words and I… I just want to make sure that we say them at a time when we mean it with our whole heart and not just caught up in the moment…” Boom, nailed it! (Or so I thought) As I would find out a little while later there was nothing I could have done to make her feel un-awkward. Turns out as we gave each other an awkward kind of AG side hug and headed back to the apartments, it was all she could do not to puke all over me lol.

                Well as you know the rest is history. It goes to show that God has a sense of humor and where usually you would run or risk living life as someone’s bound up shotgun husband, I ended up with the most beautiful, amazing, and wonderful Bride a man could ask for. And for those (probably just the men out there) that are wondering, I unfortunately sold my old pick up… Sad I know but let’s focus on the fun side and the happily ever after of what that awkward moment created!


wedding day

There you have it folks! I couldn’t have told it better myself, isn’t The Cowboy too cute!? I should have him guest post more often!



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