The Homestead Tour Video

The Homestead Tour Video

Hey everyone! I hope your week so far has been good! Life seems to be picking up speed for us around here with all the holiday travel plans, and parties, and shopping it’s hard to find time to just sit still. Although this time of the year can get crazy I always love being able to reflect and think about the year as a whole, this will be the cowboy and I’s second Thanksgiving as a married couple and that alone is fun to think about! Even though we’ve been busy the cowboy and I have been working hard at deep cleaning our little homestead and preparing for the colder seasons. I swear one Sunday we spent a good 4 hours mopping, dusting, and organizing. In the end of course it was well worth it. Fun fact I sleep terrible in a messy room, let alone a messy house! Since our little homestead was freshly cleaned and organized I was thinking how fun it would be to do a vlog tour of our homestead. A blogger I adore, Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde, makes the sweetest vlogs and Youtube tutorials. I’m always searching for ways to grow The Cowboy & I and I thought to myself maybe a vlog would do just that! So I turned to Twitter and asked my sweet followers what they thought about adding some vlogs to The Cowboy & I. It was here my sweet friend Casey encouraged me to go for it, so this video is dedicated to her! After a bit more surface cleaning, and putting things away the homestead was ready for it’s debut. So here’s to vlogging, the homestead, and trying new things!

There’s our little homestead, we love it very much so. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas and put our tree back up, maybe I’ll take you through our homestead once it’s decorated!?

I want to know what YOU think! Should I do some more vlogs on The Cowboy & I?!





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One thought on “The Homestead Tour Video

  1. AH!! Your. Home. is. perfect. I love that when I think of y’all I can actually picture you IN your house now! I think my favorite part of that video is your guest book. I will definitely be taking full advantage of that when I visit:) Great job on the video and making your house look like a beautiful home. I know you guys work so hard! The feeling I have after I deep clean my room is priceless haha. Much love to you both!

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