The Homestead Goals


Every once in a while I get into a kick of day dreaming what my ultimate homestead would look like. During these kicks my Pinterest account is flooded with some of the most adorable ideas! In the long run I would just love to build a house. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching shows like Fixer Upper but I’m just not sure I would be able to channel my inner Joanna Gaines on that kind of level.  Have any of you built a home? I would love to hear about it!

The pink farmhouse door is obviously one of my favorites, I think painting your front door adds that personal touch of “you”. I also really like dark navy front doors too! I can already imagine our homestead with a pretty painted door. Having a great front porch is another must, because without it you can’t have a cute porch swing like this one! Isn’t it awesome how they repurposed this from another furniture piece!? And as someone who is in change of the household laundry I believe every woman deserves a grand laundry room! If I was Oprah I would be like “you get a new laundry room, and you get a new laundry room!” A homestead just wouldn’t be complete without one. And for the record I love how all these blog and Pinterest laundry rooms are always so clean…. because that’s not staged haha!

 Another feature I would appreciate in a homestead would be an outdoor porch closed in. This creates such a perfect nook to read your Bible in the morning, drink your coffee and tea, and unwind. Who wouldn’t want this in their home?! Last but not least a kick butt office! When you love your work space your way more productive and creative. It’s important to have a space in your homestead designated for work that is fun!

What are some of your homestead goals?

xoxo stephanie

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