Thanksgiving Outfit Idea






// boots // dress // jeans //  sweater //

 Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means family get togethers, friendsgivings, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin everything and of  course an extra day to dress to impress! I’ve been playing around with mixing textures, prints, and stepping out of my normal wardrobe rut. I paired this outfit together this passed weekend and completely love it! I honestly can’t wait to wear it again in Vegas! Plus I wanted to give you visual proof I wear more than this comfy sweater that keeps popping up on my Instagram feed… so cozy…

Anyways I love how this sheer dress looks under the sweater. It gives a flowy whimsical dress more of a fitted look basically transforming it. This outfit not only is adorable but extremely comfortable, great for a full day celebrating thanksgiving! This year thanksgiving is going to look a whole lot different for me as I will be in the car on the way to Vegas for work! Stay tuned for all those fun updates, we plan on seeing the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam (I can’t wait to make all those corny dam jokes)

Let’s talk about the boots! One of my favorite pieces to this look. I’m pretty sure I have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting Corral Boots. I’m a baby cowboy boot wearer, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less! C says he loves when I wear these because he can hear my coming, the fringe flings all over the place it’s way too much fun.

What are you Thanksgiving 2016 plans?

xoxo stephanie

Oklahoma Vlog








This Thanksgiving so many fun memories were created and they will be cherished for years to come. We spent our Thanksgiving weekend in Oklahoma City with my brother and family. The entire time was spent exploring OKC and eating our way around town. So it was basically perfect! The girls even got some Black Friday shopping done. But besides the shopping, food, and exploring we were able to spend time with family which is always my favorite part of the holidays. Because of Oklahoma’s ice storm our weekend was extended when we woke up Saturday morning. Oklahoma was frozen over and it was simply beautiful and perfect. My Mom, Aunt, and I were running all over the neighborhoods taking pictures of the trees full of fall leaves frozen. It was a little bit chilly but totally worth it. One of my favorite places we visited was Pops. A local burger joint that serves hundreds of differ types of soda from all around the world! We ordered our meals then went to search for the perfect drink! It was too much fun reading all the different names of the sodas they offered. We also had an exciting time at Dave N’ Busters before the power went out and didn’t come back on. Our sweet boys also waited around while we shopped at Ulta, and Cavenders! Needless to say it was a fast and furious trip and I loved every single second of it! Click here to see what I wore on Thanksgiving!

Our Oklahoma Vlog is live now, watch it bellow and thumbs up for more videos!

What did you do for Thanksgiving weekend? 

Were you inspired by this Thanksgiving Outfit Idea? I would love to see your outfit, tag me @thecowboyandi





Happy Thanksgiving + Free Wallpaper

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have the most amazing day with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company. There’s so much to be thankful for in our lives.  From the air we breath to the bed we crawl in at the end of a long day, nothing should be taken for granted. What are your fun plans for today? Watching the football game and planning your black Friday shopping plans? While you’re eating that delicious turkey and stuffing, let’s remember to be thankful not only during the good times but also the more difficult times. It’s easy to be thankful while everyone is happy, but when life happens and things get hard seeing the bright side becomes not so easy. God has blessed us with so many things, no matter what kind of life you’re living there’s many blessings you have within it.

As a sweet reminder of this I’ve designed the free wallpaper bellow for you to download!

iPhone 5 Thanksgiving Wallpaper

 Download your free wallpaper today!

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I hope all of you have a very happy thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy your free wallpaper!





Thanksgiving Has Begun

If you follow me on social media you know that this past weekend I cooked my first thanksgiving turkey, and meal! That was quite the adventure let me tell you. I can’t imagine having children on my legs and relatives shouting all over the place while preparing for thanksgiving dinner. My hearts goes out to all the mom’s out there who have been doing this for years! Unlike all those moms I had a huge kitchen with multiple ovens and sinks to work with. It was lovely, making my first experience fun. Don’t get me wrong I was plum exhausted after preparing and decorating but I would do it all over again today if I had to. The worst part of course was pulling our the innards but after that it went pretty smooth. But the food wasn’t my favorite part of the night, it was a highlight for sure though. My favorite part of the night was sitting together at the table and listening to what all our friends were thankful for. From food, to family, to living in America we were all thankful for different things and I loved it. The cowboy and I work with an amazing group of young adults and it’s always a blessing to pour into their lives. And in return, without them knowing it, they pour into our life as well. So remember this year through all the crazy times of the holidays to pour into someone’s life, no matter their age. Everyone could use some extra love. I’m completely thankful for this past weekend and all the time we spent with our friends.

 Bellow you will find pictures of the food we stuffed our faces with, and yes it was all delicious!







So what are you cooking for thanksgiving?





Thanksgiving Outfit Idea







// Shirt // Skirt // Necklace // Boots // Alex And Ani // Mother Daughter bracelet // 

Pandora bracelet // Hair  // Eye makeup //

Thanksgiving is next week you guys! This means turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie all day long! If your schedule is anything like ours you have multiple thanksgiving parties to attend, which means even more turkey. If you’re also like me you like to plan your outfits in advance, because why not? Thanksgiving is one of those holidays you want to look nice for but also feel comfortable. It’s not like the Christmas office party where you have to dress up in your heels all night. I like to be comfortable but yet cute for pictures on Thanksgiving. That’s why I love plaid and lace, you can dress it up or down depending on your style. This outfit is your simple A-Line lace skirt paired with your classic red flannel for a fall themed outfit! Comfy and cute. Plus I love my Minnetonka boots I wear them almost every week around here. So here’s some outfit inspiration for you today, to get your creative fashionista mind working. 





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