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Thanksgiving Outfit Idea

// boots // dress // jeans //  sweater //  Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means family get togethers, friendsgivings, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin everything and of  course an extra day to dress to impress! I’ve been playing around with mixing textures, prints, and stepping out of my normal wardrobe rut. I paired this outfit […]

Style & Beauty

Fall Vest + Life Catch Up

Wow the end of 2016 feels like it is just going to flying by! So much has happened this year it’s crazy to sit back and think about it. The most insane part is the year isn’t even over yet. One thing I’ve noticed a lot about 2016 is I’m becoming a lot more sentimental… […]

Style & Beauty

Flowy Summer Tanks + Banner Apparel

Summer is in full swing and it is hotter than HOT outside! The kind of hot where you just step outside and your body feels sticky and your hair starts growing. With the temperature rising it’s a constant search to find cute clothes that also give you a cool breeze. The cowboy and I both […]

Style & Beauty

Better Life Bags

Every girl deserves to feel beautiful, I think everyone would agree to that. And one way to feel beautiful and confident is to carry a fabulous bag! So let me introduce you to Better Life Bags. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat (@thecowboyandi) and Instagram (@thecowboyandi) you may have noticed me talking a lot […]

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