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Style & Beauty

Fall Vest + Life Catch Up

Wow the end of 2016 feels like it is just going to flying by! So much has happened this year it’s crazy to sit back and think about it. The most insane part is the year isn’t even over yet. One thing I’ve noticed a lot about 2016 is I’m becoming a lot more sentimental… […]

Disney Style & Beauty

Disney Princess Socks

I can’t even contain my excitement right now! Look how CUTE these socks are guys! I could squeal with happiness. My mom received these cute socks from a coworker around Christmas time and my sticky fingers tried hard to take them home. I mean can you blame me? Well my sweet mama decided she wanted […]

Style & Beauty

Casual Holiday Day Party Outfit

This year you may not be attending a Christmas party, or New Years Eve party, that requires a little black dress and sparkly high heels. I find sometimes it’s the more relaxed parties I have the most trouble getting dressed for. Today I’ve put together this fun, comfy, and cute casual holiday party outfit! When we […]

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