Fall Vest + Life Catch Up





Wow the end of 2016 feels like it is just going to flying by! So much has happened this year it’s crazy to sit back and think about it. The most insane part is the year isn’t even over yet. One thing I’ve noticed a lot about 2016 is I’m becoming a lot more sentimental… thinking back on events and situations where God was clearly moving. For those of you who don’t know I’ve been in the middle of a transitional season from one job to my new current job.

Change. A word you either hate or love. I like to think I’m always ready for change, but more realistically it depends on what kind of change it is. Fall is my favorite season, and it’s all about change. The leaves change colors and then drift to the ground as they fall off preparing for the coming winter. This is always a sweet reminder that change is a good thing in our life. I’ve been trying very hard the last few months to balance out everything in my life. To find that sweet spot of being productive but also finding time to do things you love!

Anyways other than me blabbering on about life and what not I wanted to brag on this vest! I’ve been on the hunt for a good vest for fall and winter for a whole year now. And finally I found one! If navy isn’t your color that’s ok, they also offer it in pink, cream, and olive green. The material of this vest is perfect it’s not bulky or heavy, it’s great for every day wear or to keep you warm on those chilly fall nights. I apologize in advance if you see this piece over and over again…

Starbucks Tip: for a more nutty flavor try a Chia Latte with Almond Milk 🙂

xoxo stephanie

Disney Princess Socks











I can’t even contain my excitement right now! Look how CUTE these socks are guys! I could squeal with happiness. My mom received these cute socks from a coworker around Christmas time and my sticky fingers tried hard to take them home. I mean can you blame me? Well my sweet mama decided she wanted to keep her adorable socks and mailed me this adorable Valentine’s Day surprise! These socks are perfect for any Disney princess fanatic. When I’m feeling sassy I like to wear my Jasmine socks and when I’m feeling spunky I like to wear the Anna socks, it makes getting dressed in the morning even more fun! Plus they add a little magic to my every day life, and everyone needs a little extra magic. And they help me channel my inner princess, score!

xoxo stephanie


January Stitch Fix




IMG_0113A IMG_0077A







It’s that time again, when the mail man is rushed at the door. I don’t know if it’s just the excitement of receiving mail or, the fact that inside a little brown box five pieces of clothing were handpicked just for me.

For those of you who don’t know what StitchFix is, let me give you the down load. Stitch Fix is a personal shopping experience delivered straight to your door step. You begin by filling out a styling profile where you can choose your price range and inform your stylist about your interests and dislikes. Stitch Fix offers free shipping BOTH ways, providing a mailing envelope for the items you do not choose to purchase. The only thing Stitch Fix requires is a $20 styling fee which applies to the purchase of anything within your box! If you decide to purchase everything within your box you receive 25% off! Oh and did I mention once you sign up you are given a referral link? This means each time someone orders a “fix” with your link you receive $25 free credit!

In my January Stitch Fix I received one jacket, one necklace, one sweater, and two blouses. My favorite detail about this cream sweater was the navy color peaking through the cable knit. It added just enough detail to such a comfy sweater. I could defiantly see myself this sweater with leggings around the house but it’s also fitted enough to rock with skinny jeans out with your girls. The past two boxes I’ve received have had a gold statement necklaces. The longer I wore this teared necklaces the more it grew on me, I like the way it’s not perfect it’s unique looking too! Isn’t that why we do Stitch Fix, to be unique? Out of the two blouses my favorite was this red flowing one. Anything lace is always a plus for me and I appreciated the fact that the lace on the sleeves was of good quality. Some lace sleeves tear easily and feel so fragile. This lace was soft but sturdy. I always have issues with putting my wedding set through lace and it always makes me so upset! Next thing I opened was this navy top, it’s nothing like I have in my closet and that’s why I kind of liked it. It fit looser than you would think holding it up, and because of it’s loose fitting style it was beyond comfortable. The floral details make it a versatile top throughout all four seasons. Last but not least can we talk about the jacket! By far my favorite detail was the little buttons on the sleeves, it’s hard to see in the pictures but they were so cute. The jacket is two toned material, and it was surprisingly really soft. This jacket could be worn in multiple different ways all throughout fall and winter, perfect for those cool nights.

What’s your favorite piece?!






Casual Holiday Day Party Outfit







This year you may not be attending a Christmas party, or New Years Eve party, that requires a little black dress and sparkly high heels. I find sometimes it’s the more relaxed parties I have the most trouble getting dressed for. Today I’ve put together this fun, comfy, and cute casual holiday party outfit! When we took these pictures it was a fight against lighting and wind, but you see the basic concept! I love mixing this Christmas green sweater with red pants, nothing screams Christmas like red and green. I added ridding boots because you never know what the weather will do and these boots keep my feet dry and my pants out of the snow or mud! This sweater is by far one of my favorite winter sweaters. The funniest part is I picked it up at a Goodwill while I was in college. To think it’s now being spotlighted in a fashion post, ha! I’ve linked bellow to a few other sweater options, so don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Even if you’re not going to a holiday party this outfit would be perfect for a Christmas production or a coffee date. The possibilities are endless. I would love to see how this outfit inspires you! Tag me in your casual holiday party outfits @thecowboyandi on Twitter or Instagram! I look forward to being inspired by you!

Bellow you will find the details for today’s post, have fun shopping and styling my darlings!

|| Sweater || Pants || Boots || Earrings ||





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