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Every girl deserves to feel beautiful, I think everyone would agree to that. And one way to feel beautiful and confident is to carry a fabulous bag! So let me introduce you to Better Life Bags. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat (@thecowboyandi) and Instagram (@thecowboyandi) you may have noticed me talking a lot about Better Life Bags. That’s because I’m %100 sold on their products and their mission. You see Rebecca Smith the owner created this amazing company out of her own home. Her story is amazing but it’s way better when she tells it so check out this video!

I’m sure now you can see why I’m in love. I was able to work with Rebecca, her team, and her products and it has only made me want to purchase even more of their bags and accessories! Ladies I’m telling you, they really are amazing. In April I was gone on a business trip and carried my Harper Better Life Bag with all my camera equipment, jackets, makeup, and other random objects. We walked 10-20 miles a day for a week and a half. You can say this backpack was truly put to the test. The straps on my shoulders never once felt like they were cutting into my skin and I honestly felt like the weight of this backpack was distributed evenly so it never felt too heavy. Not to mention my favorite features like the phone pocket on the back which was super easy to access and the three pockets on the inside large enough to actually hold things without items falling out into the bag. Besides the Harper I’ve also fallen in love with the Beverly Better Life Bag! A perfect every day purse I would say. I love the two deep outside pockets perfect for storing your phone and other items. But my favorite part is that my Vera Bradley planner (aka my life) fits PERFECTLY inside. This is a must for my day to day to purse so I love that the Beverly is up to par. Oh and obviously the fabric and endless combinations are fabulous! That’s right I almost forgot to mention you can custom make your own Better Life Bag which is incredibly cool!

So what are you waiting for! Go check them out!

xoxo stephanie

**This post was not sponsored by Better Life Bags, all opinions expressed are my own.

Married & Bright














Happy February y’all!

Ladies, I don’t know about you but I’m extremely picky about my lingerie. And by lingerie I simply mean my bra and panties. Ever since I was in high school I saw the value in these items. Not only does a good brand last longer they also feel better on your skin. And a matching set of bra and panties can give a girl a whole new level of confidence. Go a head laugh if you don’t believe me. But trust me I know what I’m talking about, and so does Annika the creator, owner, and designer for Married & Bright.

“Married & Bright is made for the girl who is strong, powerful, and full of life. She loves dinner parties, movie dates, and being the first one on the dance floor. She believes in Netflix, mimosas, donuts, and sleeping in.  She’ll never pick a fight, but will always get the last word. She bakes her own birthday cake, gets lost in books, takes hours-long bubble baths, and will eat chocolate anything. She is confident in her own skin, and not afraid to show it.”

I talk a lot about self confidence around here because it breaks my heart to see a girl lacking in self acceptance. We’re all beautiful inside and out! That’s what I love so much about Married & Bright, it encourages women to feel comfortable, and confident in their own skin no matter their size. Not to mention the fact that their products are to die for. During my weekly scroll on Instagram I came across Annika’s profile and immediately I fell in love. Creativity just oozes from this girl, it’s inspiring and contagious. Not to mention her feed is full of girlyness! But can we talk about the product, like seriously. I didn’t even want to take this set off to take pictures of it, that’s how comfortable and amazing it is! And would I ever lie to you?! The answer to that is NO! One thing I hate when it comes to clothing, of any type, is when the material is scratchy. There’s nothing worse then sitting in a meeting or the middle of church and you can’t stop fidgeting because the bra you have on is rubbing your sweater which is causing everything to itch. This Earn Your Stripes set in pink was the exact opposite of itchy. I squealed when the cowboy brought in the gold package and I couldn’t wait to try everything on. To put this set to the test I wore it all day while running around doing errands and attending meetings, then I rocked this pretty pink set around the house in true lazy form. I was in heaven! Nothing poked me, nothing itched, nothing was too tight, it was perfect. Another noteworthy plus to Married & Bright’s bralettes is there’s no underwires wires. This is a make or break it for me personally. Underwires in bras aggravate your breasts and have been  known to add to the risk of breast cancer. So no underwires is a must for me, and it’s so nice to find bras that offer this option without taking away the sexiness, or cute factor. Another bonus is you get to choose when ordering if you want to add a clasp or not. They’re so soft and comfy you could even wear them to bed if you get one without the clasp! Now comes the questions I know some of you are wanting to ask, and yes you can custom order your size! Hooray!

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching us and every wife wants to surprise her husband with something cute and sexy. And I truly believe a new bra and pantie set will give her that extra boost of confidence to see herself as beautiful. But even if you’re not married and you just want to treat yo’ self this Valentine’s Day then Married & Bright is perfect for you! Order before February 8th if you’re wanting something specific for Valentine’s Day! Oh and not to mention the wedding sets, and bridesmaid sets are both stinking cute!

I’m also in love with this bralette, and this one, oh and this one, and we can’t forget this one! Can you tell I have an addiction? Which ones are your favorites?



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