Thorns and Roses






The weather here has been sooooo beautiful! It’s been gradually getting warmer each week and the grass is growing faster than we can mow it. And I am loving it! I’ve been noticing a lot lately about how picture perfect we can make our lives look. With all the social media at our finger tips it becomes quite easy to fool our friends and family into believing our life has no hiccups. But if we are honest with ourselves, our lives are no where near picture perfect. Often times after a photo shoot I  drop the images into photoshop and touch up the imperfections. We try to photoshop our lives to look picture perfect via social media. But I ask myself, why? Why do we feel the need to hide our flaws, and imperfections. Imagine a world where we are encouraged by others imperfections. instead of tearing them down, and creating insecurities. My husband is the best, when I came home from a business trip the other week he had a fresh bouquet of roses in a vase on the table. As I trimmed the beautiful roses I pricked my finger, which often happens when I deal with thorns. Roses always have thorns, it’s part of what makes them beautiful. Would we stop buying roses just because they have thorns? On Valentine’s Day an average of 250 million roses are sold, and all those beautiful roses come with their own thorns. Our imperfections are what makes us beautiful. We shouldn’t feel the need to photoshop our lives. So I encourage you today let your thorns show, no one likes to be around someone who thinks they are perfect. Don’t be that someone. Everyone has a different story, and different thorns. Embrace your life today thorns and all because it’s beautiful.

xoxo stephanie

Galentine’s Day









Absolutely had a blast  celebrating Galentine’s Day with these amazing gals! I love the idea of Galentine’s Day, celebrating sisterhood and loving on each other. In our world today girls are almost pitted against each other. I’m fully against tearing each other down, we should bring each other up and encourage one another! That’s why I decided to throw a Galentine’s Day party this year, to encourage growth in our sisterhood. We celebrated with a Mary Kay spa night, lots of chocolate, and some wonderful conversation. It was simply perfect! Not only did our skin receive a deep cleaning, our hearts did too. I’m blessed by each sister God brings into my life, even if it’s only for a short season. But throughout this weekend it was brought to my attention that like Valentine’s Day I shouldn’t wait for a holiday to show people how much I love them. So I encourage you to love on your sisterhood and show them how much you care! Also another fun fact I learned that deep pink roses symbolize appreciation and gratitude! So pick up some deep pink roses and show your sisterhood how grateful you are for them!

xoxo stephanie

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