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Married Life

A Prayer For Our Husbands 2016

Tomorrow marks two years of marriage for the cowboy and I. Within these past two years one of the most important lessons I am learning is to pray for my sweet husband. Our husbands go through so much and they rarely ask for help. As wives I believe it is our job to pray for […]



Life as a girl can be pretty rough. There’s the hair, the clothes, the nails, and worst of all the other girls! Why? Why do we as females always feel defensive and on guard? The world is a pretty rough place without women fighting with each other. In fact can you imagine if the women […]


Christmas Eve Prayer

Dear God, Thank you so much for the blessings you’ve given us this past year, thank you for all the smiles, all the laughs and all the times that tried our hearts. On this Christmas Eve I pray over all those who read this, may you bless them with wonderful memories, and good times. May […]

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