A Prayer For Our Husbands 2016







Tomorrow marks two years of marriage for the cowboy and I. Within these past two years one of the most important lessons I am learning is to pray for my sweet husband. Our husbands go through so much and they rarely ask for help. As wives I believe it is our job to pray for our husbands daily. Prayer is a powerful tool we as women of Christ need to be using proactively to support our man! Last year I wrote A Prayer For Our Husbands and felt prompted to rewrite one for 2016. Each year my heart break a little more for our world, and each day our husbands are sent out into the world. Join me in praying for our husbands daily, because prayer works!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for brining me the perfect teammate. You knew exactly what we both would need to compliment each other and work together. You are so good God! Thank you for our marriage, and all that you have done and will do within our lives. There is no greater God than you, for you have created the perfect will for our marriage.  

Today as I pray over my husband I ask that you protect him from harms way on his way to and from work. Give him favor with his bosses and colleagues, and let him be a positive light in his work space. I ask that you sharpen his discernment today, and give him clarity like never before. As he tackles the tasks laid out before him at work I pray you give him the focus he needs to complete them with excellence.

I pray you give him boldness to speak your name so that all who know my husband knows he serves a might God. In today’s world where hate and arguments rage I ask that you give him a wise tongue to know when to speak and when to listen. I ask for an abundance amount of energy over him, and a positive word for all those he interact with.   


Prayer is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

xoxo stephanie



Life as a girl can be pretty rough. There’s the hair, the clothes, the nails, and worst of all the other girls! Why? Why do we as females always feel defensive and on guard? The world is a pretty rough place without women fighting with each other. In fact can you imagine if the women around the world, or simply in your city, decided to pray for each other? Wouldn’t that be simply amazing! Instead of tearing each other down we could build each other up in a powerful way. Praying for girls who are being trafficked as you read this, girls being abused, girls starving and searching for hope.

I had the wonderful privilege to join over 8,500 women, including my sweet mama, at the Designed For Life conference just a few weekends ago. This is one of the most amazing conferences I have ever been to, seeing what God is doings through this ministry is impactful and encouraging. You can read my recap here!

During the Designed For Life conference Project 12 was introduced to me and I knew right away I had to share it with all of you!

Project 12 consists of 12 projects, 12 dollars a month, and 12 o’clock prayer.The idea behind this project is to give one time and your gift will stretch across 12 different projects, I love that idea because it gives people the chance to reach out and help in multiple ares without having to choose. But my favorite part of Project 12 is praying at noon. Every day since the conference my phone alarm goes off at 12 o’clock and I stop what I’m going and pray for women around the world. No matter if I’m at work, in church, at a meeting, or simply at home I stop and pray for the women God lays on my heart. This is such a powerful tool ladies! Knowing women all around the country are all stopping at the same time to lift up other women in need is powerful, being united in this area of our day causes such God confidence and unity. Whether or not you can financially give to Project 12 or not, everyone can pray.



The world tries to hide what’s happening around us. The staggering numbers of trafficking victims, and domestic violence are heart wrenching. But we have the tools in our hands to do something about it. We can choose to say not on our watch. Not on our watch are innocent girls going to be battered and bruised because I’m going to lift them up in prayer and intercede on their behalf. We don’t have to be blinded to what’s going on around us because our God is bigger than all of it. He is fighting for us, it’s time we did our part and fight for others. So I challenge your right now, set a 12 o’clock alarm on your phone for every single day. No matter what when that alarm goes off stop and pray for the women around you, and around the world. And don’t forget you’re not alone! Your prayer is joined with hundreds of other prayers all at once, isn’t that incredible!


There’s a sisterhood growing, it’s getting stronger and more powerful with each  12 o’clock prayer. Women are standing together instead of fighting against each other and that makes the devil shake in his boots. So won’t you join us and become apart of our sisterhood? Together through prayer we can change lives!





Join the sisterhood on social media by using #notonourwatch

Social media is a huge tool to reach our to others and start a movement, it also reminds us we’re not alone!


Praying for you sweet girl,



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