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 In April I went on a business trip and brought along my brand new Instax Mini 8 pink camera and couldn’t wait to use it! I had seen a lot of bloggers, and instagramers using and raving about the Instax Mini 8 camera. So clearly I had to get one for my trip. Let me just say money well spent! My Mom and I had so much fun using and learning how to use my new/old camera. Isn’t it fun how everything old is now new again?

Not only is this camera fun and unique it also has it’s own learning curve. For the generation that didn’t grow up with polaroid cameras we’re at a disadvantage. With film costing $1 a pop learning how to not waste film becomes way more important. Unlike a digital camera, where you can snap 10 pictures and have 1 turn out. Film is different you don’t get a redo. I’m not going to lie I ruined a least a package or two of film learning how to adjust my setting for my Instax Mini 8 and how to snap a perfect polaroid.

Not wanting my fellow readers and friends to make the same naive mistakes I did here’s a few tips on how to rock you Instax Mini 8 photos!

Don’t Believe The Settings 

On your Instax Mini 8 camera you have 5 settings. 1) a house,  2) a cloud,  3) a sun, 4) a bright sun, 5) and Hi-Ray. When you turn on the camera an orange light will flash where on what setting it suggests. Something I learned was make sure you’re pointing the camera directly at what you want to take a picture of and then view the suggested setting. This camera is highly sensitive to light, and even a different angle can affect the settings. Just because there’s a little house setting doesn’t mean that’s the best option for taking a photo inside.

Learn Where Your Focus Is

Unlike a digital camera the Instax Mini 8 has a focus that is slightly off. This is due to the fact that the lens isn’t lined up with viewer. Once you realize this all you need to do is simply adjust where you line up your lens for your photo! Easy fix!

Buy Extra Film 

If you’re not a seasoned polaroid photographer you will for sure need to buy extra film. Don’t second guess this just do it! 1) you will either take some really bad photos first or 2) you will love this camera and have the desire to take photos non stop.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Don’t sweat it! Practice makes perfect so don’t expect yourself to be a perfect right away. Take your time, have fun, and enjoy your new toy!

I’ve linked a few other favorite items for the Instax Mini 8 bellow that I have and love! Plus a cool printer where you can print photos from your phone on mini polaroid film! This is on my amazon wish list for sure!

xoxo stephanie

Christmas Pictures

Merry Christmas y’all!

I just can’t say that enough, this past weekend The Cowboy & I spent two full days in a row with our southern family celebrating Christmas early and it was wonderful! Food, family, games, gift, and lots of pictures, what could be better? This coming weekend The Cowboy & I will be in the car and head north to spend Christmas week with my family, not to brag but we are sorta road trip pros.

Now onto today’s post, The Cowboy & I are so excited to spend our first Christmas together as husband and wife! I didn’t want to miss out on any cute married couple things, this included taking Christmas pictures! The goal was to send out Christmas cards, and even though I was on top of things, time got away from me. I didn’t want such great pictures to go to waste though, so of course I had to post them for y’all to see!



christmas 3





Check out our amazing photographer! Her wedding shots are stunning! Sherry Smith Photography 

Only 9 more days, are you all done with your shopping and prepping??


My Barbies Never Got Married

phonto (4)

Growing up I never planned my wedding, my Barbies never got married, and I never played “bride”. My thoughts in high school were not consumed with color swatches and floral arrangements. After The Cowboy & I got engaged my head spun with ideas, and projects.  It was a blast creating such a magical day with my  Mom’s help and endless redirection. (gotta love those A.D.D. moments)


I absolutely loved my wedding boots! You can check out the designer here, she’s AMAZING!


I loved our wedding, I know every bride says this but I truly believe our wedding was the best!


The day wouldn’t have been so perfect without the touch of my Mother’s creative mind, and multiple lists! <3


A big thank you to our photographer who captured all the little moments within the day, such as The Cowboy & I praying before the ceremony <3


And a massive thank you to our family friend who video taped our entire day, and created a timeless video for us to keep forever!

We can’t forget our amazing travel agent who helped us plan the most perfect honeymoon ever!

Although I didn’t spend years planning my wedding, I think it was simply perfect in every way!


The Homestead Photo Shoot

I’m so excited to share with all of you The Cowboy & I’s first home photos.

I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest, duh, and I knew I had to make this happen! Thanks to my wonderful Mother, who came to visit us, we were able to snap a few shots!





Welcome Signature

Kissing Key Signature

Taking a Nap Signature

Front Yard Kiss Signature

Piggy Back 2 Signature

Boots And Rings Signature

Dirt Road Signature

Home Is Where Our Story Begins Signature

Key Signature

Carrying In Signature

Truck Signature

Walking In Signature


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