A Prayer For Our Husbands 2016







Tomorrow marks two years of marriage for the cowboy and I. Within these past two years one of the most important lessons I am learning is to pray for my sweet husband. Our husbands go through so much and they rarely ask for help. As wives I believe it is our job to pray for our husbands daily. Prayer is a powerful tool we as women of Christ need to be using proactively to support our man! Last year I wrote A Prayer For Our Husbands and felt prompted to rewrite one for 2016. Each year my heart break a little more for our world, and each day our husbands are sent out into the world. Join me in praying for our husbands daily, because prayer works!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for brining me the perfect teammate. You knew exactly what we both would need to compliment each other and work together. You are so good God! Thank you for our marriage, and all that you have done and will do within our lives. There is no greater God than you, for you have created the perfect will for our marriage.  

Today as I pray over my husband I ask that you protect him from harms way on his way to and from work. Give him favor with his bosses and colleagues, and let him be a positive light in his work space. I ask that you sharpen his discernment today, and give him clarity like never before. As he tackles the tasks laid out before him at work I pray you give him the focus he needs to complete them with excellence.

I pray you give him boldness to speak your name so that all who know my husband knows he serves a might God. In today’s world where hate and arguments rage I ask that you give him a wise tongue to know when to speak and when to listen. I ask for an abundance amount of energy over him, and a positive word for all those he interact with.   


Prayer is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

xoxo stephanie

Our Wedding Vows Part 1





As soon as the cowboy asked me to be his forever I knew I wanted to write our own vows. Here I was thinking this would be an easy task, writing all the things I want to promise to my future husband. Little did I know I wouldn’t finish my vows till the week of my wedding! I know, I know, I’m terrible but life happens. With today’s trend to marry at convenience I wanted to make my vow to the cowboy to ring true and personal. Something to remind myself and my soon to be husband, at the time, the reasons I love him. Writing out my vows gave me the opportunity to sit down and think about why I love the man I was about to marry and what God had in store for us. Even if you don’t plan on reciting your own vows on your wedding day in front of all your friends and family I would encourage you to still exchange these vows personally. There’s nothing more powerful than writing out why you love someone and can’t wait to start forever with them. One thing that helped me when writing my vows was reading inspiration from others. Today I’m posting the vows I wrote for my cowboy on our wedding day to inspire the importance of marriage.

“Chris, from the moment we started this adventure together I loved how spontaneous, funny, caring and respectful you were, not to mention how much you love God. Today I vow to give hope to your dreams, and encouragement to your goals, I vow to put God first in our marriage because without Him we wouldn’t be here today. I vow to stand with you through the storms of life, and learn how to dance in the rain. I vow to always hold you hand because the spaces between your fingers fit perfectly in mine, and I vow to be your wife, companion, and best friend all the days of my life.”

I love being able to look back on the wedding vows we exchanged and remember why we first fell in love. It’s a sweet reminder of the grander plan God has for our marriage. No matter what life throws in our path these vows serve as a reminder of how it all started, and why.


xoxo stephanie

A Prayer For Our Husbands


I can’t believe this is the last week of The Cowboy & I’s 1st year of marriage. It’s completely crazy to me how quickly this year flew by. I feel as though Christmas was just last month! Six months ago I posted about some lessons I learned already while being married, you can read it here.

I’ve discovered one of the biggest and most important thing to do within my marriage is to actively pray for my sweet cowboy. Our loving husbands work so hard to provide for us, and to put food on the table. They wake up every morning and make the drive to work just to be brought down by the weight of their workloads. The importance of praying for my cowboy rang true in our marriage once I actively, and specifically started praying for favor in his job. Right away I saw God’s hand working. This morning I thought it would be amazing if we all could join in a prayer for our husbands, future husbands, and way off future husbands.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for my best friend, and husband. Thank you for bringing him into my life at just the right time, and blessing us with the relationship we have. As my Cowboy (place husbands name) begins his work day I pray you give him energy and a clear mind. No matter what today’s work load may look like, or be, I pray you give him the focus and determination to complete his tasks with excellence. As the world around him pours negative ideas, thoughts, and words, into his life I pray you place a hedge of protection around his heart and mind, to stay positive and focused on you. Please give him favor with his bosses, and in his Job if this is your will for his life.

Let my husband be a light that shine bright in his work space, so that all may know him knows he serve a mighty God. Let him love those around him, even those who are hard to get a log with. Give him desernment in business transactions, and meetings. And when he’s out with customers please bless him with the right words to say.

Thank you lord for my husband and thank you for going before him today and already winning the battle.

Imagine the radical change in our marriages of we prayed this over our husbands daily!




Six Lessons In Six Months

Six Lessons In Six Months

Today is such an exciting day, six months ago The Cowboy & I said our “I dos” and turned the chapter into married life. First we lived the magical life in Disney World, then after a 5 hour lay over reality set in. I arrived to The Homestead jam packed with boxes, a piano, and furniture all over the place. The honeymoon phase quickly faded away for me. It was that first week when I realized there would be some tough times ahead. Six months later I’m looking back at some of those lessons, grateful for such an amazing husband, and the trials of growth that I faced. So here’s to six lessons in six months.

1 | I’m Not Too Hot At Communicating

There it is, I said it I’m not that great at communicating. Boy did I think I was though, then I got married and my whole world changed. Some days I feel like a little kid trying to communicate my thoughts and feelings to The Cowboy. Other days I just want to give up and stay curled up in my bed forever. I’ve realized though that communicating, although may be difficult, is key to a healthy marriage. I’m defiantly not perfect at it now, six months in, but I can look back and see where I’ve messed up. Moving forward I know my flaws and what I can do to try and make them better. This was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I know it’s one of the most important ones.


2  | Being Married Is A Blast, If You Want It To Be

I know it seems crazy but I’ve seen married couples who are simply choosing not to have fun. And on some days I’ve noticed myself make that same decision, but what kind of life is that? We are only here for a short little while and I want to make every moment of my marriage a blast! Every date, every cuddle, every meal, every last second of each day is a blast if you simply choose it to be. Just because he works, and the house seems to always need to be cleaned, isn’t an excuse not to have fun while being married.


3 | Different Isn’t Bad

Although The Cowboy & I both grew up in good homes, we were raised in two different regions of America. This can cause major head butting! Thankfully The Cowboy &  I, more so The Cowboy, have tough heads. Right away I realized different isn’t necessarily bad, but that’s way easier to say then to act upon. Every day is an adventure understanding the”why” behind the little things we do. And it was hard for me to realize my way isn’t the only way (did you catch that?) There’s multiple ways to skin a cat, and it’s ok if we do it differently.


4 |  You’re Married, Not Roommates 

The Cowboy & I both can sit down and tell you hours worth of crazy college roommate stories. The good, the bad, and the ugly, we have experienced them all when it comes to roommates. Sometimes people refer to being married as your life long roommate, and I have to disagree with this idea. Your roommate isn’t your family, you don’t have to spend time with them and you don’t always have to check in with them. When your married the goal is to grow together as one, not as two separates. If The Cowboy puts his dishes in the sink without cleaning them, I can’t just leave them there in anger thinking he will clean them. I mean I could, but that’s not what being married is all about. You can’t jut coexist as a married couple, you have to work together to build a unique relationship as ONE.


5 | Listening Is Key

I know these lessons may seem generic to you, and I thought I had them down pat before getting married, but for me everything changed after July 12th. Communicating is a two-fold lesson, at least is has been for me. Not only am I learning to say what I mean, I’m also learning to listen to my own tone in which I say things. Listening to The Cowboy, and what he is saying is extremely important, don’t get me wrong, but I’m learning that listening to how I say things is also important. When I speak sometimes I forget to think, or listen, and my words can come out rather sharp. I’m learning to listen to how I speak, and make sure my tone is in check.


6 | It’s A Journey

I’m a slow learner, and I learn things the hard way 99.9% of the time. But my favorite lesson that I’ve learned these past six months is that The Cowboy & I’s marriage is a journey. I’m not going to wake up tomorrow and become the perfect wife, and he’s not going to wake up tomorrow and care about which shoes match my top, and that’s ok. I’m learning that it takes time to communicate smoothly with each other, and that we’re not always going to like the same movie. And when we have little spats here and there, it’s normal and not the end of the world. When I said “I do” it was for forever, an adventure, a journey of a life time. I’m extremely blessed to call The Cowboy my husband, and I wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else!


Happy six months of marriage dear!

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