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Summer Makeup Routine

It’s no secret I’m white. Or should I say pale? Translucent? Clear? Porcelain? Somehow even when I have a tan I still look white! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come to grips with this a long time ago and I love my skin color. But finding a good bronzer has been next to impossible. All […]

Style & Beauty

Spring Fever – Mary Kay Into The Garden

Can we all just take a moment and agree we’re ready for spring? I know I am! I’m ready for fresh blooms, green grass, and those adorable spring dresses. My craving for spring was fed by Mary Kay’s new Into The Garden Color Compact. From the packaging to the shadows and gloss everything about this […]

Style & Beauty

Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara Review

So it’s 2016, you’ve set some amazing new years resolutions that are all probably broken by now.  That’s ok it happens. Today I’m going to give you a new years resolution that is not only attainable but it costs less than $10! “I resolve to up my mascara game X3!”  I love makeup. In fact […]

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