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Spring is about to burst I can feel it! And I can see it. Flowers are popping up here and there all around our homestead. The other day I cut some of these beautiful blooms to brighten up the inside of our home. They pretty pop of pink brings a smile to my face every time I see them. But besides these adorable blooms I wanted to share with you my latest flee market find. I find the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to be so true. Especially when it comes to flea market shopping! I picked up this adorable spice rack the other week for a steal, it even came with the cute jars! I loved the distressed look and uniqueness of this piece. Not only is it functional it can also be used simply to display flowers to brighten up your cooking space. The possibilities are endless. That’s my favorite part about shopping through antique stores, garage sales, and flea markets. With a little inspiration you could create something beautiful.

xoxo stephanie

It’s Friday

phonto (5)

It’s Friday, today is suppose to be filled with excitement and anticipation for the weekend right? Well I hope your Friday is going great because mine has been a ball of stupid. Yes, you read that correct, a ball of stupid.

This morning I woke up determined to finish putting contact paper in our kitchen’s bottom shelves. Everything was going great I emptied the first shelf, cleaned it, measured and cut the first piece of contact paper.

That’s when I saw them. Creepy, crawly, small white, mealworms. They were everywhere, ok maybe not everywhere but all over our kitchen floor. I stepped on some, barefoot, and couldn’t take it.  This resulted in a very angry phone call to The Cowboy who was unaware of the situation.

After carrying the garbage can outside with oven mitts, yes you read that correctly also. I left the kitchen feeling gross. Later I regained my composer, determined to finished what I started. I killed some more nasty little worms and cautiously took my place on the floor to put the paper up.  Have you ever hung contact paper?? I’m pretty sure it’s a task from the devil himself.. why does it have to stick to itself so strongly, and why does it have to have so many air bubbles?! You can see where this is going, after battling the contact paper, and stepping on more mealworms I was finished. The moment I decided I was finished I stood up only to remember I was under the counter, cracking my head.

In frustration the kitchen is now left like this, all I wanted was to finishing our shelves.


I hope you’re weekend is off to a better start than mine!


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