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 Summer is ranked one of the most romantic seasons. Ok I’m not sure if that’s an actual fact but it seems like a very popular season for dating. Summer offers the best selection of dates in my opinion because there’s so much to do when the weather is nice! Today I’ve come up with some of my favorite summer date night ideas and one of my go to date night outfits!


This dress from Target was worth every single penny. I’m basically holding myself back from buying it in every single color because it’s so comfortable. If you’ve been hanging around here all summer you know it’s blazing hot where I live so dressing cool and cute are top priorities and this dress is a winner! Cute and breezy perfect for a date night outside or inside. I bought this hat when we went on our honeymoon but rarely wear it. I think it adds the perfect splash of summer vibes paired with this dress! To top this look off I’ve added two of my favorite dainty pieces of jewelry, but a statement necklace would also look adorable.

Date Night Ideas

Ice Cream Date – This is one of my favorite date ideas for summer! It’s hot outside,  ice cream is inexpensive, and it’s delicious. Plus Dairy Queen only sells my favorite Blizzard during summer time, it’s the Cotton Candy one!

Mini Golf –  The cowboy and I love to mini golf. We live 45 minuets away from a tourist town so there’s endless amounts of mini golf courses and we love trying new ones on our date nights.

Try a New Restaurant –  It’s fun to try new things and it’s good for your soul! Branch out from your normal and try something new, if you don’t like it no biggie!

Starbucks – C’mon you had to know I would list this one! Nothing is sweeter than grabbing your favorite drink and sitting down to talk, or taking your drink and going for a walk.

What’s your favorite summer date night idea?

xoxo stephanie

Cupcake Dates + Natalie Creates








Can I just take a moment and talk about how much I love cupcakes. Cupcakes are the most delicious and adorable food I think a person could eat. Not only are they small and dainty, they are smothered in delicious icing. Because of my love for cupcakes I always find it necessary to take a picture and post it on my social media when I eat one. A while back the cowboy and I were watching Cupcake Wars on Netflix and I swear during that period we consumed at least one cupcake per day. I truly believe even if your don’t like sweets, cupcakes are something everyone eats. I mean why wouldn’t you?! This rant about cupcakes brings me to the cupcake date the cowboy and I shared in the middle of the work day. It was so sweet (pun intended) to see my man during our busy work day, and spend some one on one time together. We walked around our little towns square and picked up some delicious treats at this little bakery we both love. It’s the kind of place you walk into and immediately get a cavity. I ate the most scrumptious cinnamon roll flavored cupcake, which was to die for. It’s a good thing we don’t live close to this bakery… Besides sweet snacks I also wanted to talk about my favorite headband! Natalie Creates is one of my favorite Etsy shops to frequent. Not only does she live in the same state as me, she hand crafts each item in her shop with love. Because she makes everything by hand she only opens her shop on certain weeks, then it’s a mad dash to grab all the goodies she’s been posting on her Instagram page. This past time her shop was open I knew I wanted to purchase one of her bow bands. You see every time I try to wear cute headbands I always end up with one of the worst headache a girl could imagine. But Natalie makes her headbands our of fabric with an elastic band to keep it in place, a much better option if you ask me. While scrolling through her store I saw The Lumberjack Bow Band and I knew it had to be mine. As you can see from my picture it is mine now! I’ve literally worn this sweet bow band every day since it arrived in my mail box. That’s how you know you truly love something. So keep your eyes peeled on when Natalie opens up shop again, and shop her small, yet growing, business this holiday season. Outfit details bellow!

Pants || Top || Scarf (mine was hand made by one of my best friend but I’ve linked to another option)|| Boots (also featured here and here)|| Bow Band || Lips

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?



Inexpensive Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall is in full swing here on the homestead, the leaves are in piles around our trees and I’ve officially pulled out all of my sweaters. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about this lovely weather change, growing up in the north fall and winter were our longest season so I guess that’s why every time fall comes around it brings a smile to my face. Not only is each season fun in their own ways I feel as though the dating atmosphere changes with the seasons as well. Instead of days spent at the beach, or splashing through puddles like summer and spring, fall brings a completely different list of dates to choose from. Today I’ve come up with four fun, and inexpensive fall dates. The best part of all these are perfect for anyone, married, engaged, first date, or fifth date they’re all fun!


1 | Make a Blanket Fort

Sometimes the best date nights are the ones where you just stay home. But to make things more exciting grab those blankets and pillows and let your imagination start flowing! Create the best blanket fort ever and cuddle up inside to watch your favorite movie.

2 | Visit A Pumpkin Patch

There’s nothing more fun during fall than visiting your local pumpkin patch! This always brings a smile to anyone’s face and most of the time it’s cheap fun! Google, or ask around to find some of the best pumpkin patches in your area. I especially love the ones with a bakery, and corn maze. Treat yourself to a delicious snack, pumpkin picking, and getting lost in a maze, how romantic!

3 | Coffee Shop Date

Although simple, it’s sometimes just nice to get out of the house. Coffee shops are perfect for an inexpensive date night. Not only are they open later than most restaurants they also have a cozy atmosphere. You could even eat at home then hit the town for some relaxing fun.

4 | Game Night

Pull out those old board games and invite another couple, or two over. Busting out your old board games and relaxing at home is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my husband, or a group of friends. It’s easy to create a date night atmosphere in your own home with a few extra things. Create a cracker and cheese platter for your guests, and make sure you have some fresh sweet tea made for them to sip on, and don’t forget to light your favorite fall scented candle! Add a little more change to the night by sitting on the floor, with pillows around, this is cozy and different.


There’s just a few inexpensive fall date night ideas for you to choose from! Which one is your favorite?

If you’ve been inspired by this list of fun ideas don’t forget to pin the image above so we can inspire fun date nights with even more people!









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