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So it’s 2016, you’ve set some amazing new years resolutions that are all probably broken by now.  That’s ok it happens. Today I’m going to give you a new years resolution that is not only attainable but it costs less than $10! “I resolve to up my mascara game X3!” 

I love makeup. In fact I’m a border line makeup addict but it’s ok because I’ve already admitted it to my husband and he’s well aware of my situation. This could be why he resists going into Ulta… A while back I ran out of my favorite Mally Mascara and the nearest Ulta is 45min away so I couldn’t just run over and get some more. So I took a shot in the dark with Drew Barrymore’s line Flower Beauty exclusively sold at Walmart. After a good 15min of deciding between all the different types of mascara I decided to go big or go home. Thats how I ended up with the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara. Unlike other competing mascaras the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara is a 3 in 1 wand. With the twist of the cap you can create your own custom mascara look! With three different wand shapes in one you are able to focus on: length, curl, and volume. It’s basically the coolest thing ever. After testing out this mascara almost everyday for a few weeks I cant truly say I love it! My lashes are one aspect of my makeup I’m extremely picky about. The down side is I’m not always good at making them look amazing. With this new mascara I’ve been able to give my lashes volume without clumping, and length! Honestly girls, you need to give this a try. After all it’s less than $10 so what’s the harm!? I’m not going to lie besides the fact that they advertised the 3 in 1 wand I also picked this mascara over the others because it was rose gold. I know how lame! But I’m really glad I did, this mascara is going down in my books as a win, win, WIN!

Get your own Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara here, or here!

Let me know what you think of the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara! Tag me in your epic lash game posts (@thecowboyandi) I know you’ll look fabulous!

ps. because the wand for this mascara is so crazy cool I only pictured one way the wand works (lengthening) because I want you to experience the fun!



Hello 2016 + Free Phone Wallpaper





Happy New Year! 

2015 has been a year of growth in so many personal ways for me. I’m excited to see where 2016 takes me in every aspect of my life. A new year is like the beginning of another book in the series. Full of new excitement, new possibilities, and new plot twists! And that’s how I feel about 2016. I’m ready for some upcoming changes, and to see what God has in store. It’s always popular on the first day of a new year for everyone to post their new years resolutions. I don’t know about you but those never work out for me…

So instead of a new years resolution for 2016 I vow to create a full life.

I vow to love my husband fiercely, and unconditionally.

I vow to make the most of every opportunity.

I vow to travel, and travel often.

I vow to give my all in our ministries at church and in our daily life.

I vow to wear bold lipstick, because life is to short.

I vow to cherish every single moment with family.

I vow to take hundreds of pictures.

I vow to try new things, except sea food.

I vow to forgive quickly, and often.

I vow to try my very best.

I vow to inspire others, while inspiring myself.

I vow to call home every week.

I vow to eat slightly better… ok ok I vow to eat a lot better.

I vow to not wait till tomorrow.

I vow to have more date nights.

I vow to laugh frequently.

I vow to release perfection.

No matter what happens this year remember you have the choice to make your dreams and goals come true! So make 2016 the year of DOING instead of waiting! I hope you all have an amazing day and a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to grab your 2016 free phone wallpaper!

2016 iPhone 5


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Merry Christmas Eve


||Similar Dress || Purse || Heels ||

Merry Christmas Eve!

The cowboy and I have traveled up north to spend this Christmas with my family and I’m so excited! Our family Christmas parties don’t require this kind of dress but I had to share it with you. Fun fact I actually bought this off eBay over a year ago for a wedding! I’ve linked an equally awesome LBD (little black dress). Also if you’re wondering, yes people do stare at you awkwardly while you’re taking photos for your blog. It’s good practice to be comfortable in your own skin though! I would love to see your Christmas party outfits tag me (@thecowboyandi) or use the hashtag #thecowboyandichristmas

I hope whatever you’re doing this Christmas season you have the time of your life doing it. Savor those moments with family and friends. The laughter, the tears, the good times capture them in your mind forever and ever. While you’re preparing for dinner with the inlaws or going out to eat with your friends take a moment and remember what this season is truly about. Without Christ we wouldn’t have Christmas. God gave the greatest gift of all to us sinners. It’s a beautiful gift of untanted and selfless love. So rather then the need to receive enjoy the beauty in giving this year.

Well I’m  off to soak up my family!



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|| Tshirt|| Long Sleeve Pullover || Jeans || Similar Scarf || Similar Necklace || Tall Boots || Similar Short Boots || Flats ||

Hey there friends! Happy Wednesday! Can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away from today. That just seems crazy to me, I have so much shopping and wrapping to do still! With all the running around I’ve been doing, planning for Christmas and attending church events, being comfortable and cute has been a number one priority for me when it comes to my wardrobe. Banner Apparel has come to my rescue, providing two of the most comfortable tops currently in my closet. Not only are these tops made out of the softest material, they speak volumes to who I am without saying a word. That’s the beauty of clothes, without ever opening our mouths our clothes speak to who we are. (more on my thoughts about the impact of our clothing here) In fact this past weekend I was ordering my food at Qudoba and the gentle man making my food read my shirt, “keep on praying, huh? What are you praying for?”  This moment gave me the opportunity to talk about things I was praying for, which is a lot. In the end this person I’ve never met before told me he would be praying for me. That’s just so cool to me! “Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” Romans 12:12 A constant reminder of prayer while I’m wearing this Keep On Praying pullover

Equally as cute and in meaning is the Be Moved Tee. “Whether it’s BIG or small, we are always facing a mountain of some kind. When life seems impossible and you have no hope, remember; if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain ‘Be Moved.'” The meaning behind this tee is an incredible reminder of the power there is in faith. I can’t help but feel empowered while wearing these Banner Apparel items, they remind me of the beauty in prayer, and the power there is in faith. All these things while looking cute and comfortable, that’s the ultimate win, win!

To wish you a merry Christmas and encourage you this holiday season, I’ve teamed up with Banner Apparel to give one lucky Instagram winner one of these Banner Apparel shirt! Click on the photo bellow to head over to Instagram for contest details! But hurry this contest is only for TODAY! 




Rocksbox Review










It’s no surprise to anyone who has been around a while that I love subscription boxes. I blame Stitch Fix for it all, that’s where it truly started. After I received my first Stitch fix box I knew I was hooked, and my second box confirmed my addiction. I’ve been debating about signing up for Rocksbox for a long time now, almost a year! Finally I bit the bullet and signed up for my first box. For those of you who don’t know what Rocksbox is here’s the scoop. Rocksbox gives you an unlimited access to designer jewelry and the hottest trends. I’m always a little apprehensive when it comes to the new jewelry trends, Rocksbox is perfect for trying new things. You see each month you receive a hand picked set of three pieces. You can swap out your set at any time! If you fall in love you also have the opportunity to purchase items from your set, but you don’t have to! It’s like having a jewelry fashionista as your BFF who lets you borrow all her stuff. You can also become a Shine Insider which gives you $10 a month towards any purchase! I think my favorite part of signing up for Rocksbox was the wish list option. After I completed my style survey I was able to view hundreds of jewelry options I could add to my wish list. I actually received two items in my first box that I handpicked! The Sophie Harper Pave X Ring is to die for, it’s delicate and perfect. The first time I wore it I received compliments! The second piece in my box was the Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in chalcedony, a beautiful necklace that compliments any outfit. And last but not least the gorgeous Loren Hope Mishelle Reverse Cuff. At first I didn’t know if I liked this but after wearing it out I also fell in love with this piece! So needless to say my first box was everything I could hope for! 

So how much does all this fun cost? $19 per month! To borrow a box worth $200! But you know the most exciting part? You can receive your first box FREE! How, you ask? By using this code! stephaniebff854 Simply sign up for Rocksbox and at the checkout add this code (stephaniebff854) for your first box FREE!

If you don’t like it after month at least you can say you tried! 





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