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Hey guys! I’m so excited to be talking all about skincare today! The other night I tweeted possibly doing some beauty videos for Youtube and I got a lot of positive feedback. To kick things off I choose something I could talk about for hours, skincare. The older I get the more I realize how important skincare is to my daily makeup routine.

Today I’m braking down four of my current favorite add in skincare items. These products are not your staple cleanser and moisturize but rather products that enhance your routine. All four of these products cater to my sensitive skin’s needs so I will be talking about them from that view point. Almost all of these amazing add in options are gentle cleansers. The Microdermabrasion Set has a higher level of exfoliation compared to the other products mentioned, but again I have sensitive skin and use this weekly.

OK OK OK enough! Let’s get to the video and start chatting it up about skincare!

All the products mentioned are linked in the video description!

Check out the video bellow for all the details and let me know what you think!

(lol at my face in the video thumbnail)



**All opinions are my own, this was not a sponsored video or post**



Thanksgiving Outfit Idea






// boots // dress // jeans //  sweater //

 Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means family get togethers, friendsgivings, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin everything and of  course an extra day to dress to impress! I’ve been playing around with mixing textures, prints, and stepping out of my normal wardrobe rut. I paired this outfit together this passed weekend and completely love it! I honestly can’t wait to wear it again in Vegas! Plus I wanted to give you visual proof I wear more than this comfy sweater that keeps popping up on my Instagram feed… so cozy…

Anyways I love how this sheer dress looks under the sweater. It gives a flowy whimsical dress more of a fitted look basically transforming it. This outfit not only is adorable but extremely comfortable, great for a full day celebrating thanksgiving! This year thanksgiving is going to look a whole lot different for me as I will be in the car on the way to Vegas for work! Stay tuned for all those fun updates, we plan on seeing the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam (I can’t wait to make all those corny dam jokes)

Let’s talk about the boots! One of my favorite pieces to this look. I’m pretty sure I have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting Corral Boots. I’m a baby cowboy boot wearer, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less! C says he loves when I wear these because he can hear my coming, the fringe flings all over the place it’s way too much fun.

What are you Thanksgiving 2016 plans?

xoxo stephanie

Favorite Matte Lipsticks + Swatches



Mary Kay Gel Semi Matte Lipstick

// Mauve Moment // Bashful You // Crushed Berries // Powerful Pink //



Left to Right // Mauve Moment // Bashful You // Powerful Pink // Crushed Berries


BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor 

// Swag // Slay // Frenemy //



Left To Right // Slay // Frenemy // Swag //




 Let’s talk about lipstick. Matte lipstick has been all the craze and to be honest I haven’t been a huge fan. My lips are always dry, I’m constantly fighting cracked lips so I don’t really want to add a product that drys them out. But because matte lipstick has gotten so popular of course peer pressure kicked in and I had to give them a try. Over the past few months I’ve tried a few matte lipsticks but I’m here today to introduce you to my favorites!

BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor was just released a few months ago and I haven’t really tried it since recently! But let me just tell you how much I’m in love with this formula and these colors. These matte lipsticks are extremely moisturizing, my lips are singing praises! And the color selection is huge any girls can find her nude lipcolor in this collection. It’s no secret I love BareMinerals so when they released this new line I had to try it. No regrets girls! I also love how this lipstick goes on liquid and drys matte in seconds, it clings less to your lip lines leaving a perfectly finished look.

Mary Kay also just released their brand new line of Gel Semi Matte Lipsticks and oh. my. gosh. Right off the bat I can tell you the wearability of this lipstick is incredible! The first time I put it to the test it lasted a solid 5 hours before I ate and then still lasted a few more hours after that. I know some of you have been searching for lipstick with this wearability, I mean who isn’t? The second reason you should have this new lipstick in your makeup bag is they don’t dry out your lips. Because these lipsticks are gel semi matte they are by far no where near as drying as full matte lipsticks, but they still provide that gorgeous matte finish.

Matte vs. Gloss Finish

Matte VS Gloss

In the end it’s all personal preference! As long as your smiling you’re going to look gorgeous 😉

xoxo stephanie

Fall Vest + Life Catch Up





Wow the end of 2016 feels like it is just going to flying by! So much has happened this year it’s crazy to sit back and think about it. The most insane part is the year isn’t even over yet. One thing I’ve noticed a lot about 2016 is I’m becoming a lot more sentimental… thinking back on events and situations where God was clearly moving. For those of you who don’t know I’ve been in the middle of a transitional season from one job to my new current job.

Change. A word you either hate or love. I like to think I’m always ready for change, but more realistically it depends on what kind of change it is. Fall is my favorite season, and it’s all about change. The leaves change colors and then drift to the ground as they fall off preparing for the coming winter. This is always a sweet reminder that change is a good thing in our life. I’ve been trying very hard the last few months to balance out everything in my life. To find that sweet spot of being productive but also finding time to do things you love!

Anyways other than me blabbering on about life and what not I wanted to brag on this vest! I’ve been on the hunt for a good vest for fall and winter for a whole year now. And finally I found one! If navy isn’t your color that’s ok, they also offer it in pink, cream, and olive green. The material of this vest is perfect it’s not bulky or heavy, it’s great for every day wear or to keep you warm on those chilly fall nights. I apologize in advance if you see this piece over and over again…

Starbucks Tip: for a more nutty flavor try a Chia Latte with Almond Milk 🙂

xoxo stephanie

Change of Season









What C really does during out photoshoots ^^^

This is one of my favorite outfits! Tall boots, white shorts, and my go to jean shirt, the ingredients for a perfect outfit. During this photoshoot I was cracking up watching C trying to take pictures and play Pokemon Go at the same time, ahh true love sacrifices folks. But seriously I had to talk about these Minnetonka boots. I got these boots last spring for a family wedding, all the girls wore matching boots it was adorable. To be honest I had no idea how much I would wear these, finally I had to give them a break and that break didn’t last very long.

Alas as the seasons change our wardrobes start shifting and changing too. From tank tops and sandals to blanket scarfs and booties, with a change of season all things start to shift in a different direction. Some people handle change well, others don’t… (i.e. the people who are throwing fits over the new the PSL being available this month.) My life right now is once again in the middle of transition from one season to the next. God has blessed me with an awesome new job opportunity and I have all the feels. The feels of starting a new job and leaving one you absolutely love. I’ve known for a long time that God has an ultimate plan for my life. If we had time to sit and chat over tea/coffee you would see how the past six months have led up to this transitional season. I’m excited to see how this new season is going to challenge and grow me. I learned early on that change is inevitable, you have two choices:

1) Be dragged kicking and screaming 

2) Embrace it. 

When you embrace change it doesn’t necessarily make things easier. Instead it allows you to except the inevitable and move onto what’s next. So what type of seasons are changing in your life?

xoxo stephanie

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