So Long 24

So Long 24

Last week I said hello to 25!

With every passing birthday I can’t help but look back at my life to see if I am where I thought I should be.

Do you ever do that?

The truth is no matter where we thought we were suppose to be vs. where we are doesn’t matter. God has created each of us to be exactly where we are in this moment, for a purpose. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

It’s easy to look back on your birthday, another year older, and think of all the things you should’ve done by now. But that’s a dangerous game to play. Instead of comparing where you are to others, or even your own goal sheet, focus on what you have done!

So heres 24 things I’ve done before turning 25

1. Married my best friend

2. Bought a house (photos here)

3. Been to Disney World 10 + times

4. Was the second shooter for Miss Rodeo America in 2016, hosted in Las Vegas (returning this November!)

5. Visited the Bahamas (blog post here)

6. Visited Honduras

7. Explored the Caribbean

8. Hiked Colorado with my family (details here)

9. Went to a Taylor Swift Concert

10. Volunteered at an altimeters home

11. Was home-schooled but didn’t turn out “weird”

12. No credit card debt at 25

13. Got a dog (meet Daisy)

14. Became a Social Media Director

15. Rode a tiny single prop plane to Dallas and didn’t die

16. Proposed to at Disney World (I said yes, obviously read our story here)

17. My parents became my closest friends

18. Saw my Mom healed of Cancer

19. Graduated with my Associates Degree

20. Recorded a radio ad

21. Started a weekly devotion ministry for women (check it out here)

22. Worked to pack food and supplies for disaster relief victims throughout the years

23. Watched every episode of Psych 3 + times

24. Sang  karaoke onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise (with some pretty amazing people)

Today I encourage you to make your own list! It doesn’t have to be 24 things, it can be a few as 5 things. Let’s focus on the wonderful opportunities God has given us. Remember not to get caught up in the comparison game, run your race, focus on your lane, and enjoy the journey. 


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