Skincare Routine with Perfectly Posh

Skincare Routine with Perfectly Posh


Growing up my Mom taught me a lot of lessons. Two of which I am going to share with you today. 
1. Buying quality hair products is always important. 
2. Skincare is worth every penny. 
Today I wanted to chat with you about my current skincare routine! Girls, I seriously LOVE my skincare. I cannot stand even the thought of sleeping in my makeup, it literally makes my skin crawl thinking of it. My favorite part of the night is washing my face, and taking care of my skin. This doesn’t mean I still don’t fight acne, and scaring, because you know – HORMONES! But I love the feeling knowing I am doing everything possible to give my skin the best care it deserves. 
Throughout the years I have tried multiple skincare brands, and routines. From the very beginning my skin has been sensitive and prone to breakouts. I have the lovely oily/combination skin. Which means I get oily in my T-Zone and then the rest of my skin is dry/normal. All the products I mention are designed for my skins needs, if you have more dry or more oily skin theses might not be the exact products you need. 
Posh is a product my Mom introduced me to at the beginning of the year. Perfectly Posh was buzzing all over her personal groups of those fighting breast cancer or who are in remission. The reason being is the products Posh sells have naturally based ingredients and essential oils! That means no more worrying about the ingredients on your skincare that you cannot pronounce! How exciting is that. But it doesn’t stop there. 
If you’re anything like me packaging catches your eye. Packaging not only catches your eye it’s half the reason you pick up products to buy. (ohhh shinny!) Posh offers naturally based, working products that have ADORABLE packaging! Win, win WIN!
Let’s get into my current skincare routine! 

Bright Young Thing Face Wash 

Never Grow Up Serum or Shaklee’s Calming Complex 

Block It Like It’s Hot Moisturizer with SPF 


Bright Young Thing Face Wash 

Never Grow Up Serum or Shaklee’s Calming Complex 

2 Drops of Frankincense Essential Oil in my serum 

Never Grow Up Face Cream




Sunday Night & Wednesday Night 


Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Mask 

All I’ve Avo Wanted Moisturizing Face Mask 





Zit Zapper 



As you can see in the morning I wash my face clean and then apply a serum. The Never Grow Up Serum is firming and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I tend to use this more in the morning to give my skin a boost! Then I top it off with a moisturizer that has SPF in it. As someone who is basically clear it’s important to me that my moisturizer has SPF in it to help my face not burn!
My nighttime routine is almost identical! I tend to use the Shaklee Calming Complex in the evening because it’s more gel based and takes longer for my skin to absorb. It helps calm my redness and blemishes. I mix two drops of Frankincense Essential Oil into my serum to help my blemishes and scaring, plus it’s gives my skin the nutrients it needs for a healthy glow the next morning. After that I top it off with my Never Grow Up Face Cream, which is thicker and packed with lots of healthy stuff to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus it brightens my skin for the next morning. 
1 – 2 times a week I also like to treat my skin to a detox face mask and a moisturizing mask! The key is to use both masks back to back. One strips the skin of unhealthy toxins while the other replenishes your skin with health ingredients.
Skincare is extremely important, plus it gives us time in our day to pamper ourselves with healthy and cute products! Take your time during your skincare routine, don’t rush it!
Shop all the amazing products Perfectly Posh has to offer HERE! 
What are some of your favorite skincare products?! 


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