Road Trip Outfit

Road Trip Outfit





And we’re off! C and I are on our way to our long awaited vacation! This year we have a combination of driving and flying to Disney. I don’t know about you but I always preplan my travel outfits. This helps the morning of run so much smoother for my non morning person personality. By laying my outfit out the night before I’m able to mindlessly get dressed. Car rides are one of my favorite ways to travel. I love being able to see the changing landscape and crossing state lines.

Throughout my life thus far I’ve had the great opportunity to travel a lot for my age. A lot of plane rides and car rides have taught me to be prepared when it comes to what you’re wearing. Just because it’s your favorite outfit doesn’t mean you want to wear it while you squeeze down the tiny plane aisle or sit for hours on end in a car.

This is a great go to road trip outfit! Wearing something comfy and cute is a win, win situation if you ask me. These athletic leggings are thick enough I don’t feel like I’m wearing nothing and I really enjoy that! I find layering while traveling is best. This gives you the option to take off a layer if warm or add one if chilly. Depending on your plane, destination, or car trip you never know for sure what the temperature is going to be. This coat is perfect for the start of fall. It’s light enough to carry around, I’ve paired it with a simple maroon tank. And we can’t forget our white tennis shoes!

What’s your go to road trip stye? Messy bun and sweats? Or cute and casual?

xoxo stephanie

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