Puppies on The Homestead

Puppies on The Homestead




Some exciting things are happening here on the homestead! Four exciting things to be exact… and they are puppies! Daisy had her babies this month and they are all sooooooooo cute!!. I woke up one morning to let Daisy out of her kennel like normal and there they were all curled up in little balls. You simply cannot have a bad day when you get to come home and hold adorable puppies. It’s just not possible. Each puppy is so soft, chubby, and perfect. They are over a two weeks old now and it’s amazing how fast they are growing! All the puppies have opened their eyes and have started to walk in spurts. I’ve never dealt with puppies this young before so it’s been a complete adventure. Just this week the cowboy and I came home from a date day and all four puppies had escaped the kiddie pool we keep them in. It was so funny to see them stumbling and crawling around the kitchen! Needless to say we had to rearrange their living space. Poor Daisy every time we come home from work she just looks at us with these sad eyes and her ears laid back on her head like “help me…thank goodness your home!”. I think these pups are running her out of energy. Which isn’t a bad thing for the cowboy and I. The puppies are now learning to play with each other and bark which is fun but also annoying at the same time. The part I’m most excited about though is finding these puppies their forever homes.

Do you have any helpful puppy advice? If you do leave them in a comment bellow! I would love any help I can get!

ps. I know these photos aren’t the best quality, it’s hard to snap a good shot when you’re squealing with excitement. For more blurry photos and videos of adorable puppies check out my snapchat @thecowboyandi

xoxo stephanie

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