Anti-Stress Kit

Let me just tell you friends, I have been blessed to know one of the sweetest girl in the world, and that is not an understatement.

Martha and I have been friends since we were little, but just within the past few years we have grown close. And can I just say, praise God! I don’t know what I would do without her, she has been such a great friend these past years. The other night my sweet friend stopped by with a basket of surprise!

She made me an “Anti-Stress Kit”, we all know wedding planning can get stressful! This completely has made my week, wait till you see all the amazing things inside!



  • Eraser: To make all your mistakes disappear.
  • Pennies: So you will never be broke. 
  • Rubber Bands: To help you stretch beyond your limits. 
  • Starbursts: To give you a burst of energy at the end of the day.
  • Marbles: In case someone says you’ve lost yours! 
  • A Ribbon: To tie things together when they come apart.
  • Snickers: Laughter is the best medicine. 
  • Glitter: When you feel like throwing something.
  • Kisses: To always remember that you’re loved! 





  • And then my favorite part, as if the above was not enough, a Gratitude Jar!


  • Each day you add one thing you are grateful for, a blessing in your life.


  • I bet you can guess what day #1 was!



I hope each bride has a “Martha” in her life to help her breathe and enjoy the fun times!

Thank you so much dear, you are a huge blessing in my life and I love you to the moon and back!!


I’m Seeing Florals

Count Down:

56 Days Till The Big Day

57 Days Till Disney

I don’t know where you live, but where my parents live it has gone from a lovely 80 degree weather to a chilly 40. We seemed to have skipped over spring completely went to summer then jumped back to winter. Talk about some crazy times.

Lately I’ve noticed my eye keeps catching those floral prints, and I’ve come to the realization that I love floral prints.

I came to this realization after I purchased two floral dresses at the thrift store for a steal. I was rather proud of my self I walked away with two dresses, one dress with the original tag still on it, for a total of $19!

My Pinterest board is quickly being speckled with floral prints from home decor, to blog inspiration, to clothing, and I love it.




floral 2


What can you just not get enough of with this new season of clothing!? Let me know, maybe I will love it too!



Country Chic Wedding Shower

Wedding fever is in the air, and now that I’m done with school I can focus on planning The Cowboy and I’s big day! Before I graduated though, The Cowboy’s wonderful friends threw us a country chic wedding shower and it’s was lovely! Here’s some pictures of the afternoon!

_MG_4209   _MG_4225   _MG_4230   _MG_4232   _MG_4233   _MG_4235


A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this shower adorable! The Cowboy and I are truly blessed.


A Mother Worth Celebrating

Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest Mom I know!

You have inspired me in many way, from cooking yummy food to understanding people. One day I hope I can be half the Mom you are!

You’re strength these two years has blown my mind. Beating cancer and finishing your treatment with a positive attitude is something that I will forever admire!

Thank you for taking care of us three hooligans and teaching us how to be humans!

You’re the best Mom a girl could ask for, and most importantly my best friend!

image (6)

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you with all my heart!


Girls Only

Girls just want to have fun, right? Of course we do!

Before my friends and I graduated college my MOH (Maid Of Honor) threw me a wonderful bachelorette  party, one to remember!

Pictures, food, games, and cupcakes! It was a blast!

And we can’t forget all the goodies The Cowboy will sooner or later get to enjoy….










Needless to say we partied hard, and made memories that will last a life time! I love all of these girls and already miss them like crazy, thank you all for such a wonderful, fun filled night!

**All photo credits go to my sweet friend Lauren, thank you!!**


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