A Day At The Orchard















^^My Mom was cracking me up behind the camera




| Shirt // Jacket // Jeans // Bracelets // Shoes |

There’s some serious picture overload in today’s post but I just couldn’t leave any of these out!

At the tail end of our trip Chris and I stayed an extra day with my parents which was one of the best parts of driving! We went to one of my favorite orchards and picked apples, pumpkins, and bought the most delicious pumpkin spice donuts ever made. (seriously I had one this morning and it was too good) The weather was cool and simply perfect for a fall day. Spending a day at the orchard reminded me of all the reasons I love fall! The cool crisp air, the beautiful colors, the fashion, and the sense of togetherness. Obviously there was a bunch of laughter going on behind camera as well! My parents kept making me laugh so hard I couldn’t take a single serious photo.

I loved the outfit I wore to the orchard! This green army jacket goes over so many tops it’s a must have for this season, and who can resist a good plaid shirt? I know I can’t! Come the first of September I’m more than ready to tuck away all my shorts and tanks and pull out my plaid shirts and cozy sweaters. Unfortunately Arkansas weather doesn’t always agree with me. (booooo) So now I’m stuck in oversized sweaters and scarfs sweating in the heat. Good thing our car has AC!

I’m working on a must have fall wardrobe list for all of you and I’m not going to lie you will want to buy all the items! Check out last years list here.

Do you have an orchard day planned for this fall?!

xoxo stephanie

Alice In Wonderland








“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then…”

Nothing is more fun than wearing a character based dress at Disney! My sweet cousin came fully prepared this trip with a stack of the most adorable outfits. She is a fashion blogger in the making. After very little persuasion I slipped into this fun little dress. Based off the movie Alice In Wonderland.This loose flouncy dress has the very popular Cheshire Cat printed all over it. Plus, it’s pink! No color speaks to me like the color pink does. Growing up Alice In Wonderland wasn’t in my top 5 favorites, but the older I get the more I love it!

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

We’re all a little mad in the end and I think that’s why I’ve grown to love this movie.

You can have this cute dress yourself, find it here!

We are have had a blast on our trip and I can’t wait to share more with you!

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xoxo stephanie

Road Trip Outfit





And we’re off! C and I are on our way to our long awaited vacation! This year we have a combination of driving and flying to Disney. I don’t know about you but I always preplan my travel outfits. This helps the morning of run so much smoother for my non morning person personality. By laying my outfit out the night before I’m able to mindlessly get dressed. Car rides are one of my favorite ways to travel. I love being able to see the changing landscape and crossing state lines.

Throughout my life thus far I’ve had the great opportunity to travel a lot for my age. A lot of plane rides and car rides have taught me to be prepared when it comes to what you’re wearing. Just because it’s your favorite outfit doesn’t mean you want to wear it while you squeeze down the tiny plane aisle or sit for hours on end in a car.

This is a great go to road trip outfit! Wearing something comfy and cute is a win, win situation if you ask me. These athletic leggings are thick enough I don’t feel like I’m wearing nothing and I really enjoy that! I find layering while traveling is best. This gives you the option to take off a layer if warm or add one if chilly. Depending on your plane, destination, or car trip you never know for sure what the temperature is going to be. This coat is perfect for the start of fall. It’s light enough to carry around, I’ve paired it with a simple maroon tank. And we can’t forget our white tennis shoes!

What’s your go to road trip stye? Messy bun and sweats? Or cute and casual?

xoxo stephanie

Change of Season









What C really does during out photoshoots ^^^

This is one of my favorite outfits! Tall boots, white shorts, and my go to jean shirt, the ingredients for a perfect outfit. During this photoshoot I was cracking up watching C trying to take pictures and play Pokemon Go at the same time, ahh true love sacrifices folks. But seriously I had to talk about these Minnetonka boots. I got these boots last spring for a family wedding, all the girls wore matching boots it was adorable. To be honest I had no idea how much I would wear these, finally I had to give them a break and that break didn’t last very long.

Alas as the seasons change our wardrobes start shifting and changing too. From tank tops and sandals to blanket scarfs and booties, with a change of season all things start to shift in a different direction. Some people handle change well, others don’t… (i.e. the people who are throwing fits over the new the PSL being available this month.) My life right now is once again in the middle of transition from one season to the next. God has blessed me with an awesome new job opportunity and I have all the feels. The feels of starting a new job and leaving one you absolutely love. I’ve known for a long time that God has an ultimate plan for my life. If we had time to sit and chat over tea/coffee you would see how the past six months have led up to this transitional season. I’m excited to see how this new season is going to challenge and grow me. I learned early on that change is inevitable, you have two choices:

1) Be dragged kicking and screaming 

2) Embrace it. 

When you embrace change it doesn’t necessarily make things easier. Instead it allows you to except the inevitable and move onto what’s next. So what type of seasons are changing in your life?

xoxo stephanie

Hello August!





It’s hard to believe it’s already August. Does anyone else feel like 2016 is just zooming by? It feels like just the other week we were ringing in the new year at the homestead. School is right around the corner and all the students are in denial. It’s the best working with college students, when you ask what day they go back non of them know!

No offense to July but I’m glad it’s over! I don’t know about you but it just felt like everything that could be stressful all piled up into July. So here’s to a new month with brand new possibilities! Like Instagram for instance, they’ve rolled out a brand new feature in August full of potential. Rabbit trail… wouldn’t it be great if our lives could have updates? A notification telling us when our character needs to be tweaked, and our attitude needs to have an adjustment. Just a thought.  

Exciting things are taking place this fall and I’m already anxious for the cool air to blow in. I know some of you will get this, I haven’t traveled in a few months and my feet are starting to get itchy again. In September we’re leaving for family vacation to Disney (yay!) I don’t think C and I will ever get sick of going to Disney but I think after this trip we might switch it up a bit, maybe visit Disneyland. Some of our family went to Disney Pairs and it looked like so much fun! In November I’m scheduled for a work trip to Vegas! I’ve never been to Vegas and I’m totally pumped, more news to come later. Not including a trip home I want to squeeze in somewhere… I’m in desperate need of some mother daughter time!

So here’s to August! Do you have any last minute summer plans?

xoxo stephanie

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