We’re Moving!

I’m excited to announce that Chris and I are moving!

After 3 years in our first homestead I’m excited and nervous to be moving. We have been searching for a house closer to our jobs for a while and nothing seemed to be working out. Then in the matter of days we found a home and have been accepted! I cannot wait to show you how adorable our new homestead is, expect picture overload. I’m thinking before and after pictures? YES!? It’s crazy how God works, when nothing seemed available and we were at the end of our rope God opened the perfect door. I think there’s a life lesson in there somewhere…

Any who when God moves it happens fast. We are saying goodbye to our homestead the end of the month.. that’s two weeks people TWO WEEKS! Pray for me…. does pinning a bunch of packing ideas count as packing? Also I’m going to need a name for this new home! It’s in our small little town and needs a name just as fitting as “the homestead.” 

I am looking forward to sharing this new exciting adventure with all of you! Stay tuned on Snapchat and Instagram for weekly updates handle: thecowboyandi

Comment bellow if there’s any moving and renting posts you would like to see!

Valentine’s Day Guide For Your Pup

Who said Valentine’s Day isn’t for your furry friends too! C and I were in Petco the past weekend and I had to refrain myself from buying all the Valentine’s Day dog treats and toys. Since starting my 9 to 5 job (hello adulting you stink) I’ve had separation anxiety from my sweet puppy, Daisy. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy seeing her overwhelming love and joy for me and C, but mostly me. Dogs truly do love you unconditionally.

I did pick up a few goodies for Daisy to give to her on Valentine’s Day. Yes I realize that might make me sound crazy but everyone has a little crazy in them. I decided to round up some adorable gift guide for your furry friend on Valentine’s Day!

These are some cute things I’ve rounded up from Etsy, Petco and Amazon.

Custom Valentine’s Day Dog Collar from SLWdesignsCo, Love My Pup Little Plush Bone from Petco, Gourmet Valentine’s Dog Treats from TahoeGems, Love My Pup Assorted Dog Bone Cookies from Petco, Valentine’s Day Dog Collar Bandana from WhatSherrySews, Love My Pup XO Rope Knot from Petco, Gold Valentine Hearts Dog Collar from DogDroolDesigns, Valentine’s Day Dog Treats Grain Free from Amazon, Red Valentines Heart Bow Tie Collar from PoppyParkerMarket, Love My Pup Love Rope Dog Toy from Petco, Love My Pup Yogurt Dipped Dog Cookies from Petco, Cabana Stripe Bed Cover from BowWowBeds 

I hope you find some adorable goodies for your four pawed friend


My One Word

For the past few years now a group of my friends and I have participated in the My One Word study and challenge. I have enjoyed seeing God stretch me and teach me through the power of one small word. For those of you interested in learning more about this concept and process check out this book!

My One Word for 2017 is… Grace.

After reflecting on the past year and praying for 2017 I really felt like God is wanting me to focus on Grace. Learning how to extend Grace to others but also learning how to have Grace for myself. 2 Corinthian 12:19 says

“‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.’ So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.”

To say I’m excited about my one word for this year is to say the least. It’s amazing how God has already woven my word into my everyday life. Before I even selected Grace as my one word I stopped by LifeWay Bookstore on my way back from Christmas up north. Sitting there on the shelf was this hot pink book with gold lettering and a pineapple. If you know me you know I love the color pink, so obviously I picked it up. After skimming a few pages I decided to buy it. Can you guess what the name of the book was? Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley.

Up until here recently I wouldn’t have described myself as a perfectionist. I use to think I was pretty easy going and chill. My eyes have been open to see I really do need to have more Grace with the things I do and the people around me. I encourage you to choose a word this year and watch as God uses it to blow your mind.

Bellow are a few words my sweet and precious friends choose for 2017



Things I Learned in 2016

At the end of every year and the beginning of a New Year I like to look back and reflect on all that has happened. With every passing year I realize more and more how important it is to review not only the year but also yourself. It’s no secret everyone is relieved 2016 is over. I’m not the only one who has had a chuckle over those hilarious memes that represented 2016. Some of them are were just too funny! But each year, good or bad, have lessons to be learned. Bellow are a few things learned about myself in 2016, in no particular order, and a list of things I want to learn in 2017!

Things I learned in 2016

  1. Transition is hard but a good thing. This past year I transitioned into a new job position and it’s taken longer than I expected to fit into a routine. But within the time I was able to discover things about myself and how I function in a 9 to 5 job.
  2. The “Pink Drink” will never go out a style. Seriously I probably be ordering this drink at Starbucks long after the hype has worn off.
  3. Marriage takes work but it’s fun when it’s with someone you love. Going on 3 years I could write a book on all the lessons marriage has taught me, and I know there’s more to come. But the best part of being married is when you just let yourself have fun together.
  4. Blogging is one of my favorite creative outlets and I need to stop comparing myself to other bloggers. This is a place to come and be who I am and share what I love with all of you!
  5. Taking time for myself is important. Recharging and refresh, even if that means ignoring the phone and the emails for a few hours to take a bath and relax.
  6. Traveling is something I want to do more of! It seems as though I was gone a ton this year, and I was, but I loved every second of exploring a new place. I hope 2017 brings on some new travel adventures!

Things I want to learn in 2017

  1. To live in the moment
  2. To be more spontaneous
  3. Become awesome at time management
  4. How to be a better wife
  5. Grace not perfection
  6. What a massage feels like
  7. More about graphic design work


Here’s to 2017 and all it has in store for us!

Las Vegas Trip











I’m back! What a crazy busy, and fun work trip I had in Vegas. For those of you who are just now joining in I’ve been on a work trip for the past 12 days as part of the media team for the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. As the number one tech support and back up photographer I was non stop busy. But that didn’t stop us from having some fun. On our way to Vegas we stopped by the breath taking Grand Canyon and the beautiful Hoover Dam.

If you followed me on Snapchat the entire time you know how much fun we snuck into our work trip. From dancing throughout the MGM Grand, to watching artists paint something amazing, to staying up till 1am making sure all the photos we took we posted online. I wanted to share some of the highlights on the blog with you! Seeing the Grand Canyon at sunset was by far my favorite part of the trip. Sitting on the edge watching the sun sink into the canyon is something I will always remember. I can’t wait to go back and take Chris and our future kiddos. The Hoover Dam was the pun of many jokes throughout our whole trip, obviously, and we were all in tears when we left. One of our last nights in Las Vegas we walked the streets and watched the Fountains of Bellagio dance. I also may or may not have eaten chicken strips and drank Starbucks everyday… but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😉

xoxo stephanie

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