Our Wedding Vows Part 1

Our Wedding Vows Part 1





As soon as the cowboy asked me to be his forever I knew I wanted to write our own vows. Here I was thinking this would be an easy task, writing all the things I want to promise to my future husband. Little did I know I wouldn’t finish my vows till the week of my wedding! I know, I know, I’m terrible but life happens. With today’s trend to marry at convenience I wanted to make my vow to the cowboy to ring true and personal. Something to remind myself and my soon to be husband, at the time, the reasons I love him. Writing out my vows gave me the opportunity to sit down and think about why I love the man I was about to marry and what God had in store for us. Even if you don’t plan on reciting your own vows on your wedding day in front of all your friends and family I would encourage you to still exchange these vows personally. There’s nothing more powerful than writing out why you love someone and can’t wait to start forever with them. One thing that helped me when writing my vows was reading inspiration from others. Today I’m posting the vows I wrote for my cowboy on our wedding day to inspire the importance of marriage.

“Chris, from the moment we started this adventure together I loved how spontaneous, funny, caring and respectful you were, not to mention how much you love God. Today I vow to give hope to your dreams, and encouragement to your goals, I vow to put God first in our marriage because without Him we wouldn’t be here today. I vow to stand with you through the storms of life, and learn how to dance in the rain. I vow to always hold you hand because the spaces between your fingers fit perfectly in mine, and I vow to be your wife, companion, and best friend all the days of my life.”

I love being able to look back on the wedding vows we exchanged and remember why we first fell in love. It’s a sweet reminder of the grander plan God has for our marriage. No matter what life throws in our path these vows serve as a reminder of how it all started, and why.


xoxo stephanie

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Hello there! My name is Stephanie, welcome to my little corner in the blog world. Join The Cowboy & I as we experience our newly married life together. Moving from Chicago land to the rolling hills of Arkansas, has been a crazy life style change, you won't want to miss the hilarious things that happen in our day to day life!

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  1. Reading this, I can hear your voice on your wedding day. Always keep God first in your marriage, you will never go wrong. 🙂 Love, Mom

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