New Home Photos

New Home Photos

(we are so not Dirty Dancing material lol)

Chris and I have officially moved into our new home and have almost completely unpacked #winning Our new home is so adorable and I cannot wait to share pictures with you once we are settled in. My Mom was able to come and help me think through decorating ideas and it’s going to be adorable. It was so calming to have her here even if it was in the middle of madness. I’ve been pinning a ton of fun new ideas on Pinterest and I look forward to pulling it all together. I’m trying to create a new decor style than the one we had in a previous home. I feel the need for change and that excites me!

The thing I love the most about our new home is how happy it feels. There’s natural light in every single room and it just feels so cheerful. Update on our current life situations I had my first oral surgery this week and wow was that was crazy. I vaguely remember asking the dentist if I could keep my tooth to put it under my pillow to help pay for the surgery… I mean why not try, right? So I’ve been recovering in our home while spring is blooming outside and it’s been nice. Chris has been taking really good care of me, I love him so much! Also I’ve consumed a mass amount of jell-o…

What have you been up to? Another random thought I’m wanting to sign up for some subscription boxes! What are your thoughts? What do you love or hate, leave me your thoughts in the comments bellow or tweet me @thecowboyandi

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