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Native Deodorant

A few weeks ago I posted on my Instagram my brand new Native Deodorant and asked if anyone wanted a review! Every single person who voted said YES! 
After my Mom’s walk through cancer clean living became a much bigger deal in our world. You wouldn’t believe how many chemicals and harmful ingredients are in deodorant, it’s quite frankly disgusting. Every single day (or at least we hope you use it every day!) we are putting our body in harms way by using cancer causing ingredients. 
Native offers an option of a healthy deodorant that doesn’t attack your body! That alone is a great reason to try it out! 
I first heard of this deodorant from a beautiful Youtuber and after that I seemed to see it everywhere (thank you Zuckerburge lol) So I finally broke down and bought Chris and I some to try. 
One of the reasons Native caught my eye was the packaging. Yes it’s clean, sleek, and pretty. But the fact that it was in a “normal” deodorant packaging made me so happy! If you’ve been on the hunt for an organic deodorant you know sometimes it comes in hard to use packaging. This product is simple to use and quick to apply! 
I picked up the Gardenia & Orchid scent for myself and the Citrus & Herbal Musk for Chris. I LOVE both of these scents! The light floral scent is perfect, it doesn’t overwhelm you but adds a light scent. The Cedar & Sea Salt one is the perfect man scent for any guy. Absolutely comparable to Old Spice, just a lot less obnoxious in scent strength. 
Here’s the tricky part of Native. The texture is course. Unlike the most popular deodorant brands, Native does not glide on. Simply because of the difference in ingredients. With that said, I’ve noticed the more I used it the less course it became. This did bother Chris from the get go, but I quickly got use to it! After all you have to remember you’re putting safe products on your body vs. chemical infused products that can harm you. 
I would give Native two thumbs up! While testing out Native I never once felt like it wasn’t doing a deodorant’s job. I always felt clean, I never smelled, and I only needed to apply once to have these results! 
**Disclaimer: When switching to an organic deodorant often times your body will detox. All your clogged up pores, and all those nasty chemicals you’ve been putting on every day will sweat out. Just remember that and keep using your organic deodorant! 
If you would like to try Native out you can shop all the products HERE! Use this link for a FREE mini deodorant with your purchase as well! 
I would love to hear your thoughts on Native or any other organic deodorant brand! 
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