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My beautiful Mother and I work for the same travel company, 3D Travel Company. We have completely different rolls within the company but get the excitement of traveling for business together! Our more recent business trip had us leaving for our destination out of Galveston Texas, which is OH SO CLOSE to the wondrous Magnolia Silos, so obviously we had to add it to our travel plans. A little play before the work began.

It was worth every single minute!

After arriving late Friday night we woke up early Saturday morning to enjoy breakfast at Magnolia Table which was quite possibly my favorite part out of it all. Every single detail was thought out from how they took your name and seated you, to the napkins on the table. Our waiter was wonderful, he even offered to take our picture and gave us extra goodies to take with us when we left.

We started things off with the Bacon & Egg plater filled with yummy deviled eggs + brown sugar peppered bacon strips, served with jalapeno drip jam. Delicious.

A pumpkin spice latte was ordered on my behave of being basic and loving fall so dang much.

Then we dug into the Farm Breakfast – two eggs + homemade tater tots, biscuit, and more bacon! Are you starting to see why this was one of my favorite parts? I highly recommend you stop by here next time you are near Waco, TX. You won’t regret it!

After filling our stomachs with all things delicious we headed to the Silos. It was everything I wanted it to be, I could truly see the genuine attention to detail everywhere we looked. My favorite part of the Silos was the Magnolia Seed Supply store. I loved touching all the garden related items and walking through the beautiful blooms. Just being able to walk through and take it all in was amazing.

After picking out the goodies we wanted to take home from the main building and the Seed Supply store we stood in line for the bakery. Another obvious and fantastic decision.

Strawberries & Cream, Lemon & Lavender and Pumpkin Spice (basic) cupcakes all found there way into our hearts. Or should I say our stomachs?

We were back on the road before noon, but 100% enjoyed ourselves! It’s inspiring to see a genuine and sweet couple work together to create something good for their community, children, and lives.

Thank you Chip and Jo!

Check out our vlog from Magnolia Table + Magnolia Market

If you’re looking to plan your next adventure check out 3D Travel Company!


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