L’OReal Paradise Enchanted Palette

L’OReal Paradise Enchanted Palette

Excited to share my thoughts on the new L’OReal Paradise Enchanted palette today! If you haven’t heard about this palette yet it’s located at your local drugstore (Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and even Amazon) and claims to smell like peaches! Remind you of a much more expensive peach scented palette? Once I saw this pop up on Youtube I knew I had to try it. After searching stores every time I visited they finally became available at my local Walmart. I basically squealed with excitement and caused Chris to raise an eyebrow of concern. He’s so sweet though and bought it for me, even if he doesn’t fully understand my excitement! To be honest I could’ve ordered it on Amazon Prime for the same price but I enjoy the fun of searching for new products in my local stores. I know I’m weird. 

My skin has always been sensitive, but recently it’s been acting out more than normal, so when it comes to face products I’m hesitant to try new things. For good reasons. But I’ve rarely had sensitivity in the eye area. Which is great because it allows me to play around with new products more often, such as mascara, eyeshadows, primers, and more.

The first things I did was smell the palette obviously! If makeup claims to smell like anything that’s the first thing everyone does. Upon multiple sniffs I wasn’t really sure if it truly smelled like a peach. So I did what any logical person would do. I went and bought peaches! After sniffing the real peach vs. the scented palette I’ve decided the palette does indeed have a slight peach scent. Nothing crazy overwhelming though which I like. 

One thing I love about certain brands (drugstore and high-end) is when they put a few eye looks on the back of their palettes. I enjoy this because it gives me something new to try and forces me to play with colors in different areas on my eyes vs. doing the same look over and over (raise your hand if you’re guilty of this). The back of the Paradise Enchanted palette offers four looks to try out, from using 2 shadows to using up to 4. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro you can have fun trying these looks out.

Upon first impression I was blown away by the pigmentation of each shadow, for a drugstore palette. I literally said “wow” and “oh my gosh” multiple times. The shimmer shades are crazy pigmented with very little fallout, especially when applied with your finger. The matte shades do have a fair amount of dust kick up, but that’s pretty common in the drugstore makeup world. Being a warmer color palette some of the colors pull more orange on my fair skin tone, but I think the product itself is great! If you love the colors and are looking for something new to try I don’t think you would be disappointed! 

I had THE WORST time trying to take pictures of these swatches because I was by myself. You don’t even want to know how long it took me and every photo just turned out awful! Shoutout to all those beauty Gurus taking swatch photos on a daily basis. 

Let me know if you get this L’OReal Paradise Enchanted palette and what you think! Also let me know if you want to see more makeup focused posts here on the blog! Also enjoy these behind the scene photos. Daisy was VERY intrigued by this peach photoshoot. She did so good though! Look at that laser concentration.


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