Home Tour!

Home Tour!

After a full year of living in town I figured it was about time to share a few photos of the inside of our house!

I wish with all my heart that I was brilliant at decorating. The truth is I’m as slow as a snail… I haven’t been procrastinating this post. I just now finished decorating our bedroom…

Living Room

When we’re not sleeping most of our time is spent in the living room and kitchen! This is where all of our friends gather to eat food, play games, and have a good time together! It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house. After a long day opening the door into our living room just makes everything seem better. Plus Chris now allows Daisy to cuddle with my on the couch so there’s a bonus!

| Rectangle PillowsCactus Pillow | Dog Collar | Shirt | Jeans |


Everyone’s favorite room in the house is the kitchen right?! My HOME decor is probably the thing that makes me smile the most. My Mom has a similar set up in her house as well! The most frequented spot in our kitchen however is our coffee bar! We go through coffee so fast! I’m thinking about buying this coffee maker instead of our traditional Kureg. It just seems like a better option for hosting!



| Letter H | Teal Flower | Letter M | Letter E | Kureg | Coffee Pod Organizer |Sugar Dish |

Piano Room

Saying we have a piano rooms sounds so fancy it cracks me up. To be honest most of the time we refer to this room as “Daisy’s room”. Watching the guys haul this family piano up our steep narrow steps was cringe worthy, but I’m so grateful they did! My brothers and I all learned how to play piano on this one and it makes my heart happy every time I see it!

| Tangled Painting | Nap Queen Pillow |


I just finished decorating parts of our bedroom this past week #fail #snail When we moved homes I purchased a brand new comforter and pillows which I will of course link for you! I am so happy with how it all came together. Our bedroom is our safe place, nothing beats crawling into our bed at the end of the day!



| Bedding | Pink Pillows | White Pillow | Bow Pillow |

Guest Bedroom

This sign sums up our guest bedroom. I want people to feel happy, comfy, and at home when they stay with us!

|Happy Place Sign|

Thanks for stopping by today! I loved showing you around our little home, what is your favorite room in your house?

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