Halloween Fun | Weekend Adventures

Halloween Fun | Weekend Adventures

It’s Monday again, which means it’s back to the grind of life’s demands. At least there’s one day in the whole year we don’t have to be who we are, we can become a dragon, or a pirate, or a princess and it’s sociably acceptable. This Halloween the cowboy and I hosted a party for our young adults ministry at church and it was so much fun. We made some delicious food, set up a Wii bowling tournament, carved pumpkins, and ate a lot of candy. Oh yeah, we also had a costume contest! Needless to say we are both exhausted today, but would do it all again this weekend!



image4 (6)A



The cowboy and I were so busy planning the Halloween party we didn’t have a costume together the morning of. So we decided to go as Emma Swan and Hook/Neil from ABC Family’s Once Upon A Time

image3 (12)A

image1 (16)A

This punch was delicious! We carved a pumpkin into a punch bowl than mixed this yummy recipe inside. Needless to say it was a huge hit, and really easy!

image2 (13)A


And now that halloween is over we can focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas! (yay!) After all there’s only 7 more Monday’s till Christmas… But don’t panic yet! Also be on the look out for the recipes for a few of these amazing snacks I made for our party, they would be perfect for Thanksgiving!

What did you dress up as for Halloween this year?




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