Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara Review

Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara Review








So it’s 2016, you’ve set some amazing new years resolutions that are all probably broken by now.  That’s ok it happens. Today I’m going to give you a new years resolution that is not only attainable but it costs less than $10! “I resolve to up my mascara game X3!” 

I love makeup. In fact I’m a border line makeup addict but it’s ok because I’ve already admitted it to my husband and he’s well aware of my situation. This could be why he resists going into Ulta… A while back I ran out of my favorite Mally Mascara and the nearest Ulta is 45min away so I couldn’t just run over and get some more. So I took a shot in the dark with Drew Barrymore’s line Flower Beauty exclusively sold at Walmart. After a good 15min of deciding between all the different types of mascara I decided to go big or go home. Thats how I ended up with the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara. Unlike other competing mascaras the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara is a 3 in 1 wand. With the twist of the cap you can create your own custom mascara look! With three different wand shapes in one you are able to focus on: length, curl, and volume. It’s basically the coolest thing ever. After testing out this mascara almost everyday for a few weeks I cant truly say I love it! My lashes are one aspect of my makeup I’m extremely picky about. The down side is I’m not always good at making them look amazing. With this new mascara I’ve been able to give my lashes volume without clumping, and length! Honestly girls, you need to give this a try. After all it’s less than $10 so what’s the harm!? I’m not going to lie besides the fact that they advertised the 3 in 1 wand I also picked this mascara over the others because it was rose gold. I know how lame! But I’m really glad I did, this mascara is going down in my books as a win, win, WIN!

Get your own Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara here, or here!

Let me know what you think of the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara! Tag me in your epic lash game posts (@thecowboyandi) I know you’ll look fabulous!

ps. because the wand for this mascara is so crazy cool I only pictured one way the wand works (lengthening) because I want you to experience the fun!



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