Five Fall Fashion Essentials

Five Fall Fashion Essentials

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The leaves are crisp and turning colors here on the homestead and we are finally entering into my favorite season of all. There’s just something about fall I’ve always loved. The cowboy always teases me because everything is dying around us, unlike spring where everything comes to life. But when the air turn cooler, and the leaves start to fall it excites me! It’s probably because where I grew up fall and winter were always the longest seasons. Therefore my wardrobe consists of multiple scarfs, sweaters, and boots! And that’s what we’re going to talk about today!

 Five Fall Fashion Essentials

1 || Blanket Scarfs

Scarfs are so much fun! They can change the entire element of an outfit in seconds, that’s why I love them so much. Everyone should have at least one blanket scarf for their fall wardrobe. Because blanket scarfs are twice the size of your average scarf you can wear them multiple different ways.


IMG_7033 (1)A


Blanket Scarf / the one I have was purchased last fall at Maurices 


2 || Short Booties

Every girl needs a staple pair of short booties for fall. Not only are they practical but they look adorable with pants, dresses, and skirts. No matter your style a pair of short booties will be perfect in your wardrobe. There’s multiple styles out there, some with heels, lace, or fringe. I’m in love with this pair I bought last year!



Ankle Booties / these were purchased a year ago at Target 


3 || Sweater Dress

One of the best ways to stay warm and still look cute is by rocking a sweater dress. This type of dress has slowly grown on me, besides being extremely comfortable they can also be dressed down or up. Plus this dress pairs perfectly with our first two fall essentials.




Sweater Dress / purchased a few years back at Kohl’s


4 || Plaid Shirts

An oldie but a goodie! Plaid shirts, have they ever gone out of style? All I know is every girl should at least have one plaid shirt in her closet, if not more. Why? Because you can wear a plaid shirt with so many different things you probably already have in your wardrobe. Vnecks, tank tops, skirts, jeans, leggings, all things you can mix and match with a cute plaid shirt.





Plaid Shirt / purchased at Target


5 || Leather Leggings

I’ve finally caved, I think I’m slowly falling in love with leather leggings and I’m completely excited about it. The reason this new fashion has become appealing to me is the wide versatile ways of wearing them. From pairing leather leggings with a long sweater, or a blazer, to rocking them with sequins on a night out, you can wear them any which way. I tried on a bunch of different leather leggings in multiple stores but my favorite of all are these Lauren Conrad ones! They fit perfectly with my short legs, and they are insanely comfortable! That’s what I call a win, win. Plus I feel like Sandie from Grease while wearing them!




Leather Leggings / purchased at Kohl’s

I could sit here and talk about fall fashion with all of you for hours, wouldn’t that be fun!? But for those who are easing their way into fashion that would become extremely overwhelming.

What’s your favorite fall fashion? What’s you’re number one fall staple?






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