Disney World From A To Z | Magical Express

Disney World From A To Z | Magical Express

Disney World

Read along as I take you each week from one park to the next, exploring different attractions, resorts, dinning experiences, shows, and of course shopping. At the end of this series you will have experienced Disney World from A to Z! Although I’m not an official Disney travel agent I have had the opportunity to visit the most magical place on earth multiple times. I’ve been able to see some amazing shows, eat at some of the best restaurants, and experience some limited time events. With all of these great memories, pictures, and experiences and I decided it was high time to share them with my amazing readers! (that’s you!)

Today we are talking about transportation! But not just any transportation, Magical Express transportation. For those of you have who have never visited Disney World, and you plan on flying into the Orland International Airport you HAVE to use Magical Express! No one likes waiting for their bags to be loaded off the plane, and then having to wait on a cab and then taking an awkward ride to your resort. That doesn’t start out your Disney vacation on a magical note. But you know what is magical? When you arrive to the Orland International Airport and you board a buss that takes you directly to your resort, where your luggage will magically appear later that day! That just screams vacation to me.



Are you sold?

Ready to find out how you get hooked up with Disney’s Magical Express?

Here’s what you need to know.

You must make reservations for Magical Express at least one day before you arrive in Orlando, if you use a travel agent they will most likely make these reservations for you upon request. If you make your reservations ten days prior to your flight dates you will receive Magical Express papers in the mail! Disney will need your airline information to know when you are arriving. Once they process this information you and your traveling party will receive special luggage tags to allow Magical Express to know which bags are yours.

If you plan on using Magical Express be sure to pack your necessary items on your carry on with you. These items would include, your park tickets, or magic bands, and anything else you would need as soon as your arrive on Disney property. Some people pack their PJs or swimsuits to hit the resort pools right away!


On your return flight Magical Express will pick you up outside of your resort three hours before your flight is scheduled to take off. This allows plenty of time for traffic, and for you to proceed through security and finding your gate. Riding the Magical Express buss back to the airport gives you that one more goodbye to Disney and all of the wonderful memories it holds. The video played while you make your way back to the Orlando International Airport might even make you cry.

No matter how many times I fly to Disney Magical Express is always there to pick me up and take me to my resort, it’s perfect!



Are you looking into booking the most magical trip you could ever take?!

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