Disney World From A To Z | King Arthur And The Holy Grail

Disney World From A To Z | King Arthur And The Holy Grail

Disney World

Read along as I take you each week from one park to the next, exploring different attractions, resorts, dinning experiences, shows, and of course shopping. At the end of this series you will have experienced Disney World from A to Z! Although I’m not an official Disney travel agent I have had the opportunity to visit the most magical place on earth multiple times. I’ve been able to see some amazing shows, eat at some of the best restaurants, and experience some limited time events. With all of these great memories, pictures, and experiences and I decided it was high time to share them with my amazing readers! (that’s you!)





Besides learning about different cultures, eating fantastic food, and riding some amazing attractions EPCOT offers some wonderful shows! Each country within the World Showcase has their own unique show to display their country’s culture, history, and humor. Today we are talking about the hilarious show King Arthur & The Holy Grail, located in the United Kingdom. I realized if you’ve only been to Disney World on a few occasions you could easily pass up some of the special nuggets of fun the World Showcase has to offer.

During one of our trips to the most magical place on earth the cowboy and I came across King Arthur & The Holy Grail, and this is where we shared many laughs and giggles. If you enjoy dry humor than you must put this show on your to do list next time you visit. A live action, and interactive show on the streets of the United Kingdom invites guests to play along in a fun version of King Arthur. It’s loosely biased of the well known play but the actors are famous for working in modern references into their skits. Children of all ages should find the duo team hilarious and rightfully so!

I love how Disney takes an amazing experience and ups it a notch with such unique details. I especially love how Disney gets their guests involved along the way, inviting them to join the show and creating more memories for them to bring home. Besides who doesn’t love being involved in comedy!

Even though it may not be one of the most famous activities withing EPCOT it has become one of my favorites! Next time your visiting EPCOT stop by the United Kingdom showcase and see for yourself if King Arthur is there!


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