Designed For Life Conference 2015

Designed For Life Conference 2015


How can I even begin to put into words something so amazing?

Something as amazing as over 8,500 women gathered together in one place to grow closer to God.

Something as amazing as lives being changed, and callings being made.

Something as amazing as making friends from all over the United States.

Something as amazing as worshiping God in a stadium where His name is rarely even whispered.

Something as amazing as Designed For Life conference.

The Designed For life conference is simply the most amazing conference I have had the privilege to attend. The year the cowboy and I got hitched I couldn’t attend the conference, so I called my Mom and convinced her to do the early bird registration with me for the 2015 conference. And I’m glad we did, not only were we able to make a girls weekend out of it, we were able to sit and talk about what God is doing in our lives and our ministries. Friends, my heart is so full as I write this for you because God brought many things to light during the weekend. I love that He cares enough about us crazy girls to love on over 8,500 other women at the same conference! He not only spoke to my heart over the weekend, but He also spoke to all the other woman’s hearts. Isn’t that incredible? God cares so much about his daughters that even in a room packed with other people ,He still focuses on you and shows his love to you. Designed For Life 2015 gave me that sweet reminder.

I could literally post hundreds of pictures, and I always have so much trouble picking and choosing, but here’s just a few of our fun filled weekend!


IMG_9059 IMG_9012









Plus what other conferences end in confetti?!





So what are you waiting for? 

Registration for Designed For Life conference is open for 2016 and you don’t want to miss out! I’m already signed up for next year and excited to see what God will do, you can register here!

Come expecting!





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2 thoughts on “Designed For Life Conference 2015

  1. I had such an amazing time! I loved this conference, loved being with you and talking about what God is doing in our lives and ministries. Love Confetti – the James River style. Kari Jobe was AMAZING! I am still thinking about the speakers and the points that God brought home straight to my heart. But mostly I LOVE that we shared it.

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