Colorado Trip

Colorado Trip

This year for Memorial Day Weekend our family decided to crash my two older brother’s and beautiful sister-in-law in their new home state of Colorado! One of our family trips growing up was a road trip from North West Indiana to Colorado Springs. It was a very long but fun road trip! Being back as an adult just took my breath away, and not just because of the elevation change!

Our first few days we spent exploring downtown Denver which was so much fun! My brother has the privilege of living in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Denver. We walked all over the city, from the Capital to Union Station, and back. We also were able to enjoy brunch with my aunt and cousin who live in Colorado too! 

If you followed our adventure on my Instagram Stories you saw we visited TWO Sierra Trading Posts, because one was not enough. Sierra Trading post is a sister company to TJ Maxx and is basically the TJ Maxx of outdoor activities. Camping, hiking, rock wall climbing, you name it they had equipment, clothes, and accessories for it.

For those who know my family, and have kept up with our travels and adventures you know my family loves to eat. You might call us foodies – ok, ok, we are foodies! My brothers had a long list of divine and delicious places to eat at. Including; Denver Biscuit Co. Max’s Wine Dine, Snooze AM Eatery, and Samples just to name a few.

Besides eating we did hike two fantastic trails, Chicago Lakes Trail and the Sleepy Lion Trail! I highly recommend the Chicago Lakes Trail for more experienced hikers. There were multiple spots that were more technical, the end result was worth it though! The Sleepy Lion Trail would be great for anyone eager to go for a day hike. There’s a lower elevation gain on the Sleepy Lion trail which made the hike easier, plus there were tons of rocks to climb on! I did give Chris a scare or two when I climbed out onto the edge of a rock. But it was worth it! The views from each hike were beautiful!

Being with my family in the center of God’s creation almost brought me to tears multiple times. Pictures don’t truly do Colorado justice, you have to see it for yourself!  

Fun fact I took over 1,200 photos on this trip! So what you see here is a very small sampling of what was taken! We even hauled the camera and tripod on our second hike to capture some family photos. Between the beautiful mountain range and our good looking family I’d say the photos turned out pretty good! 


I cannot wait to plan our next trip to Colorado! It was a blast spending time with family and exploring such a beautiful state! Check out our travel vlog to see all the fun we had. The coolest part of this video is that my brother wrote and composed this song especially for our family. 




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