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^^^Awkward jumping shot that makes me laugh^^^


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This whole week has been nothing but grey skies and rainy days. But even in the midst of the storms wild flowers are showing up all over our yard, it’s wonderful. Reminds me that God works through our lives in all seasons. Because it’s been raining non stop I did get to pull out this cute pink umbrella so that’s plus. Yesterday we ran outside to take a few snapshots because my replacement camera lens came in the mail (thank you amazon 1 day shipping!)  Needless to say I’m pretty excited to have my camera working once again! There’s nothing worse than having to stop doing what you love for a two weeks. I’ve got some fun posts for all of you coming soon, including the second part to our wedding vows. You can read the first part here. Life has been crazy busy around the homestead, with some new and exciting changes on the horizon. I can’t wait to share some of them with you soon! So as the rainy days continue in my part of the world I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

On a non related note I simply cannot stop online shopping for swimsuits… Does anyone else have this issue? What are some of your favorite places to shop swimwear at?


xoxo stephanie



Free Printable Christmas Shopping List

Christmas insta

Christmas is literally right around the corner folks! I’ve been working on my shopping list since summer! One problem I always have though is where to store my amazing gift ideas, and shopping list. So this year I decided to create my own Christmas Shopping list, and what kind of blogger/friend would I be if I didn’t share this printable list with you?! So consider this my Christmas gift to you, a easy way to stay organized this holiday season. Also be on the look out for Christmas gift ideas here on the blog! There’s a spot for the name of who you’re shopping for, your gift ideas for them, and if they’ve been naught or nice this year. So what are you waiting for?! Click print now, and start filling our your own Christmas Shopping List!


Christmas Shopping List Printable

Hope you enjoy this Christmas Shopping List! I would love to see how you shop in style with your list! use the hashtag #thecowboyandichristmas or tag me @thecowboyandi, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And don’t forget to share this fun list with all of your blog loving friends and list making friends. I can’t wait to see your Christmas Shopping List filled out.





Easy DIY’s You Should Try Today

Easy DIY's

Do It Yourself projects always seem like a good idea. Until your knee deep in coconut oil and have burned all your fingers with the hot glue gun. My favorite is those “nailed it”photos, proving to everyone these DYI’s are not as easy as they look. I’ve been a victim of many of these incidents, and from it a steam of frustration. But today I present to you my sweet DIY sisters, 8 easy projects you can make with items found in your home or Target! So know that I believe in you, and I believe you can complete all, or at least one of these projects without burning your finger with a hot glue gun.

1 | DIY Sugar Scrub – For the long work days


After a long stressful work day ther s nothing better than washing your day away with this amazing sugar scrub. I love that you can create this scrub to fit your personal needs by picking and choosing your essential oils.

2 | DIY Fake Eyelash Wall Art – For the makeup lover

eye lash

Completely in love with this adorable DIY. This wall art would be perfect in your bathroom or bedroom, I can’t wait to make one of my own!

3 | DIY Dry Shampoo – For the people who enjoy sleep

Dry Shampoo

For those girls who want to gain an extra ten minutes of sleep this dry shampoo is just what you need! Made with healthy products that will not harm your hair, you can sleep soundly knowing in the morning your hair won’t be greasy.

4 | DIY Gel Nails – For the nail enthusiasm


Sometimes you just don’t have time, or the money, to hit the nail salon. I’m in love with this gel nail routine and recommend it to any person who is hard on their nails. One week of no chip nails for less that $10, heck yeah!

5 | DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask – For the hair lovers

Hair Treatment

Searching to take better care of your hair? Treat yourself to this deep cleaning and replenishing hair mask. But be careful coconut oil does stain your clothing so wear and old shirt or half a towel on hand while using this hair mask.

6 | DIY Custom Mouse Pad – For the tech girl


This DIY is defiantly on my to do list. Easy and inexpensive plus for any tech girl it’s a must make to personalize your work space.

7 | DIY Coconut Oil Lotion – For the dry winter skin

DIY Coconut Oil Lotion

Winter is on its way and with it comes dry and cracked skin. With this lotin mixture you can kiss your cracked hands good bye! My favorite part is this DIY is a perfect Christmas gift for family members and friends.

8 | DIY Citrus Air Freshener – For the clean home


Does your house have a special scent? Lingering where it’s not welcomed? Spray that unclean smell away with this 4 ingredient citrus air freshener. Any of the DIY projects from livesimply.me are amazing!!


So which DIY are you going to try first? I can’t wait to see what you create!




Disney World A To Z | Festival of The Lion King

Disney World A-Z


Read along as I take you each week from one park to the next, exploring different attractions, resorts, dinning experiences, shows, and of course shopping. At the end of this series you will have experienced Disney World from A to Z! Although I’m not an official Disney travel agent I have had the opportunity to visit the most magical place on earth multiple times. I’ve been able to see some amazing shows, eat at some of the best restaurants, and experience some limited time events. With all of these great memories, pictures, and experiences and I decided it was high time to share them with my amazing readers! (that’s you!)

I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited to talk about today’s letter, the letter F. In the world of all things Disney I like to think the letter F stands for The Festival of The Lion King.

Disney does nothing without doing it with excellence and this amazing show is proof of that. The Festival of The Lion King, located within Animal Kingdom, is up to par with any Broadway show out there, I put my money on it. As you sit and watch as music and color fill the room you will be amazed by each and every detail. From the dancers, to the singers, to our beloved lion king friends, there’s something to be in awe about. This 30 minute show is worth the wait, and it’s worth putting it on your to do list, it’s also appropriate for all ages!






I don’t want to release too many pictures for your viewing pleasure because I truly want you to experience this show for yourself!

The seating is split into four sections. Each section is also assigned a special animal, with sound effects to keep the audience engaged throughout the performance. And they also offer handicap seating in each section, and don’t worry no matter where you sit you will be able to view all the exciting things happening during the show inside the round theater. The only thing I dislike about The Festival of The Lion King is the fact that the cue line is outdoors. While Disney does provide misting fans throughout the line I would recommend having something cold to drink while you wait for the doors to be open. But other than that I have nothing but good memories of this attraction, and I look forward to seeing it again soon!


Are you looking into booking a trip to the most magical place on earth?

We use Charlene Hanyzewski from 3D Travel Company for all our travel adventures – Click Here for your free Walt Disney World Quote!






Tractor Rides & Family Time

Tractor Rides & Family Time


 Last week my family from the north took over our little Homestead and we loved every second of it! We took them all over the dirt roads and showed them a good time. Family means so much to me and I’m glad we were able to have them in town. One of the main attractions of course had to be driving a tractor! Our little cousins X has talked non stop about tractors and we made it possible for him to drive one. The look of joy and excitement on his face were priceless. And it wasn’t just X that got to experience the fun, everyone else took a ride on the big green tractor as well! 








Tractor Rides!



After the fun of driving in the fields, and moving hay bales we gave little X a tractor of his own! And he was beyond thrilled! He held onto this little tractor  the rest of their stay. 




Dreams can really come true, if you know a man with a tractor! And I married one! 

More pictures from our week of family fun to come! 





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