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Five Adorable Office Inspirations

The Cowboy & I have a two bedroom homestead. The second bedroom currently has all my craft supplies, a bed for our guests, two dressers, a desk and chair, and everything else we can cram in there. Yikes!

This past week I’ve been giving some serious thoughts to our second bedroom and what I would love for it to become. Like people, a room has the ability to transform into something beautiful, just not over night.

Thanks to Pinterest, seriously what did they do before Pinterest, I have a brand new “Office Love” board with pictures of inspiration, and decoration! Here’s a few of my favorite, but you will find even more over on my Pinterest board, so make sure you take a look see.


Inside This PR Maven's Stylish Office ( tray used to contain notes etc.)

| I love this adorable box that can hold papers, and little envelopes |

pretty organization | home office

| Crisp, yet chic, this is simply perfect for my left side brain |

Lauren Elizabeth | Apartment Tour: Office Space

| In love with this wall college |

cute boxes in ikea shelf

| How cute are these cubbies and boxes |

make it count

| A clear space helps your clear your mind |

How do you have your office decorated? I would love to see a picture!


Homestead Highlight – Bedroom Sneak Peak

Bedroom Sneak Peak

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week has be treating you well.

Decorating an entire house was not easy as I first thought. I struggled mostly over the colors in which to paint our walls. One of the main things I focused on while picking out paint colors was warmth. I wanted to be able to invite someone over and have them feel the warmth inside our home. Our bedroom is one of the warmest rooms in our house. It’s my favorite place to cuddle after a long stressful day,  the stress just slowly melts away. Everyone has a room of safety and for me it’s our bedroom.

Highlight Sneak Peak- Bedroom 1

Highlight Sneak Peak- Bedroom 2

Highlight Sneak Peak- Bedroom 4


The Butterfly Kisses jar I’ve had ever since I was a little girl, it still sits by my bed today. My brother made us the window, shown in the picture above. Inside the window is all the paper from our wedding, program, invitations, RSVP card, his boutonniere, and our wedding CD. I almost cried when he gave this to us, and it matches our bedroom perfectly!

More pictures are coming soon! What’s your favorite room in your house?


Homestead Highlights: Christmas Decorations

The Cowboy simply LOVES Christmas time, I’m not exaggerating here folks. Me on the other hand, I’m more like don’t play Christmas music before Thanksgiving or I will cut you. But in the spirit of being married and compromise, we decided to put up our Christmas tree and decorate before Christmas, this is a huge deal.


And so our Christmas traditions have begun to form! While decorating the tree we watched Elf, and baked Christmas cookies, there were also a few cups of coco, with mini marshmallows, consumed. With all of that being said our homestead has been in the Christmas mood for a while now.



We won our little fat Santa at The Cowboy’s work party last weekend, and those beautiful place mats were made by the Cowboy’s grandma. She gave them to us for our little homestead.






I love these pine cones,  they’re the kind that have the smell of Christmas on them and I couldn’t decorate our homestead without picking up a bag of these!


IMG_6521A (2)

IMG_6531A (2)

image1 (8)


Have you set up your Christmas tree yet? I would love to see a picture!! You  can email me at, or tag me on Instagram!

Merry Christmas! (only 13 more days!)


It’s Friday

phonto (5)

It’s Friday, today is suppose to be filled with excitement and anticipation for the weekend right? Well I hope your Friday is going great because mine has been a ball of stupid. Yes, you read that correct, a ball of stupid.

This morning I woke up determined to finish putting contact paper in our kitchen’s bottom shelves. Everything was going great I emptied the first shelf, cleaned it, measured and cut the first piece of contact paper.

That’s when I saw them. Creepy, crawly, small white, mealworms. They were everywhere, ok maybe not everywhere but all over our kitchen floor. I stepped on some, barefoot, and couldn’t take it.  This resulted in a very angry phone call to The Cowboy who was unaware of the situation.

After carrying the garbage can outside with oven mitts, yes you read that correctly also. I left the kitchen feeling gross. Later I regained my composer, determined to finished what I started. I killed some more nasty little worms and cautiously took my place on the floor to put the paper up.  Have you ever hung contact paper?? I’m pretty sure it’s a task from the devil himself.. why does it have to stick to itself so strongly, and why does it have to have so many air bubbles?! You can see where this is going, after battling the contact paper, and stepping on more mealworms I was finished. The moment I decided I was finished I stood up only to remember I was under the counter, cracking my head.

In frustration the kitchen is now left like this, all I wanted was to finishing our shelves.


I hope you’re weekend is off to a better start than mine!


Fall Decorations: The Addiction Is Real

Before I start into today’s post I have to say The Cowboy & I are officially back in the 20th century and now have wifi! Goodbye blogging from McDonalds it’s been fun, sorta… But now we are rocking n’ a rolling!


Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m addicted to buying fall decorations.

image1 (1)

Don’t worry The Cowboy already knows.

I can’t help it, this is our first fall being married, and in The Homestead and we don’t have any holiday decorations. Which only means we have to slowly collect them, oh the pain. I know I’m not the only woman out there who is in love with decorating their house for the seasons? Can I get an amen?! The pumpkins, orange and yellow leaves, and little scarecrows, it’s all too adorable if you ask me! Our little Homestead is being transformed, here’s a little peak!


Welcome Pumpkin

Sparkly Pumpkin- tv

Scarecrow and Stacked Pumpkins

Piano Pumpkin

Fall Flowers-table

Fall Is In The Air

Fall Rug

I Spy A Pumpkin

Fall Decor Bathroom Style


What’s your favorite way to decorate for the fall season? Is it pumpkins, or scarecrows? What’s your biggest steal this year for decorations?


If you haven’t voted yet the poll is still open, and your help is still needed!




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