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The Homestead

Homestead Highlights: Christmas Decorations

The Cowboy simply LOVES Christmas time, I’m not exaggerating here folks. Me on the other hand, I’m more like don’t play Christmas music before Thanksgiving or I will cut you. But in the spirit of being married and compromise, we decided to put up our Christmas tree and decorate before Christmas, this is a huge […]

The Homestead

Fall Decorations: The Addiction Is Real

Before I start into today’s post I have to say The Cowboy & I are officially back in the 20th century and now have wifi! Goodbye blogging from McDonalds it’s been fun, sorta… But now we are rocking n’ a rolling!   Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m addicted to buying fall decorations. Don’t […]

The Homestead

Homestead Highlights: The Bathroom

Good morning friends! I hope your week is going well! I’m so excited to finally share some photos of the inside of out Homestead with you! Instead of loading up a bunch of photos I created a new series called “Homestead Highlights”! Here I will introduce you to the highlights of our homestead and my […]

The Homestead

The Homestead Photo Shoot

I’m so excited to share with all of you The Cowboy & I’s first home photos. I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest, duh, and I knew I had to make this happen! Thanks to my wonderful Mother, who came to visit us, we were able to snap a few shots!        

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