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I’m not sure if you know this but The Pioneer Woman has an entire line of dish-which just so happens to match all my Fiesta Wear. It’s basically perfect! Every time I’m in Walmart I stop by the dishes and plan out which ones will be coming to the homestead soon. But what’s even more exciting is The Pioneer Woman just released a whole new line of kitchen linens as well! So of course I just had to pick up these adorable placemats (thank you cowboy for letting me get these!) I’m in love with all of her new line. The colors are so vibrant and coordinate with my table and dishes perfectly. I probably sound nothing like a 20 something but buying dishes and linens excites me! I have a very extensive list of all the new linens and dishes I want out of The Pioneer Woman collect. In short I honestly want it all! So if you’re feeling generous feel free to stop by your local Walmart and pick up a little extra something for me, you can’t go wrong! Just kidding! (Not really…) I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We spent the entire weekend with our youth/young adults for a retreat and it was awesome. I love watching God move in students lives. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing someone fall in love with God. What did you do this weekend?



The Homestead Tour Video

Hey everyone! I hope your week so far has been good! Life seems to be picking up speed for us around here with all the holiday travel plans, and parties, and shopping it’s hard to find time to just sit still. Although this time of the year can get crazy I always love being able to reflect and think about the year as a whole, this will be the cowboy and I’s second Thanksgiving as a married couple and that alone is fun to think about! Even though we’ve been busy the cowboy and I have been working hard at deep cleaning our little homestead and preparing for the colder seasons. I swear one Sunday we spent a good 4 hours mopping, dusting, and organizing. In the end of course it was well worth it. Fun fact I sleep terrible in a messy room, let alone a messy house! Since our little homestead was freshly cleaned and organized I was thinking how fun it would be to do a vlog tour of our homestead. A blogger I adore, Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde, makes the sweetest vlogs and Youtube tutorials. I’m always searching for ways to grow The Cowboy & I and I thought to myself maybe a vlog would do just that! So I turned to Twitter and asked my sweet followers what they thought about adding some vlogs to The Cowboy & I. It was here my sweet friend Casey encouraged me to go for it, so this video is dedicated to her! After a bit more surface cleaning, and putting things away the homestead was ready for it’s debut. So here’s to vlogging, the homestead, and trying new things!

There’s our little homestead, we love it very much so. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas and put our tree back up, maybe I’ll take you through our homestead once it’s decorated!?

I want to know what YOU think! Should I do some more vlogs on The Cowboy & I?!





Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

I hope you truly relaxed and enjoyed your family and friends today. Here’s a few snap shots of life on the homestead lately. Our tomato plant, and pepper plants are ready to burst with fresh veggies and we cannot wait. Also if you haven’t seen it on insta, we’ve added a new addition to the homestead. Chance showed up on day and hasn’t left since. Him and Daisy play together all the time! Daisy moves to fast it’s very hard to take a still shot of her so bellow is the best shot I took today.









A Year On The Homestead


It’s almost been a whole year since I moved into The Homestead. I must say I’m pretty proud of myself for living a whole year in the middle of nowhere! So many crazy things have happened on The Homestead and I decided it would be fun to round them all up today! So in no particular order…

A Year On The Homestead

  1. Red Wasp Massacre- The day I killed over 12 wasps in my laundry room. They were swarming around the house and coming in through the attic.
  2. The Frozen Pipes Tragedy of 2015- The day our pipes froze and it was only 40 degrees out. I mean, that’s not even cold!
  3. Daisy Joins The Homestead- The night we got our puppy and all the pee I’ve cleaned up since. 
  4. The Wolf Spider Takeover- That one time my Mom was visiting and The Cowboy killed a Wolf spider the size of my hand with a John Wayne movie case. No biggie.
  5. Lights Out Week- The one week we had no power because something went out on the light pole…
  6. It’s a Jungle Out There- When it rained so much in one week the grass was close to my knees.
  7. Here Comes The Mail- There was a day I dug a hole on the other side of our dirt road with my hands for our mail box post.
  8. Green Thumb, not- The day we worked really hard on our little garden and front bushes. Most of the plants are still alive, we’re all very shocked.
  9. Bee Very Still- The one time there were over 30 bees in my shower when I woke up one morning.
  10. A Shot In The Dark- Those nights The Cowboy crawled out of bed and shot the annoyingly loud cows in the butt with a BB gun so I could fall asleep.
  11. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?- The night our dirt road became a highway making truck loads of chickens to the factory from the nearby farms.
  12. Home Alone Part 1- The first time The Cowboy went on a business trip and I stayed all by myself on The Homestead. Talk about horror flick material.



IMG_6364We’ve had one crazy year that’s for sure, but more and more each day The Homestead has started to feel like a home. I’ve enjoyed hosting family, and friends, and making sweet tea for all. Although there’s never a shortage of work on The Homestead it’s nice for The Cowboy and I to come home each night and take a load off. Even though he’s still not used to me moving all the furniture when he’s at work. No matter where life takes us our Homestead will be where ever The Cowboy and I lay our heads down at night, because home is where I’m with him.




The Homestead’s Garden

Hey y’all!

This past weekend The Cowboy & I worked on updating The Homestead’s yard. We went to the Home Depot and loaded up on mulch, dirt, and some flowers. Now I’m not known for my green thumb, but I wanted so desperately to have my own garden, and so here we go! My plan, pick what I thought was pretty and try not to kill them.

There’s something beautiful about living in the middle of no where and being able to see what God designed from the trees, to the flowers, to the grass, animals, bugs, clouds. I love it! Therefore I loved spending our days outside working, we still have plenty of work to do but I couldn’t wait to share some pictures with you!


image1 (7)

image2 (4)

image3 (3)





What does your garden look like?



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