New Home Photos

(we are so not Dirty Dancing material lol)

Chris and I have officially moved into our new home and have almost completely unpacked #winning Our new home is so adorable and I cannot wait to share pictures with you once we are settled in. My Mom was able to come and help me think through decorating ideas and it’s going to be adorable. It was so calming to have her here even if it was in the middle of madness. I’ve been pinning a ton of fun new ideas on Pinterest and I look forward to pulling it all together. I’m trying to create a new decor style than the one we had in a previous home. I feel the need for change and that excites me!

The thing I love the most about our new home is how happy it feels. There’s natural light in every single room and it just feels so cheerful. Update on our current life situations I had my first oral surgery this week and wow was that was crazy. I vaguely remember asking the dentist if I could keep my tooth to put it under my pillow to help pay for the surgery… I mean why not try, right? So I’ve been recovering in our home while spring is blooming outside and it’s been nice. Chris has been taking really good care of me, I love him so much! Also I’ve consumed a mass amount of jell-o…

What have you been up to? Another random thought I’m wanting to sign up for some subscription boxes! What are your thoughts? What do you love or hate, leave me your thoughts in the comments bellow or tweet me @thecowboyandi

We’re Moving!

I’m excited to announce that Chris and I are moving!

After 3 years in our first homestead I’m excited and nervous to be moving. We have been searching for a house closer to our jobs for a while and nothing seemed to be working out. Then in the matter of days we found a home and have been accepted! I cannot wait to show you how adorable our new homestead is, expect picture overload. I’m thinking before and after pictures? YES!? It’s crazy how God works, when nothing seemed available and we were at the end of our rope God opened the perfect door. I think there’s a life lesson in there somewhere…

Any who when God moves it happens fast. We are saying goodbye to our homestead the end of the month.. that’s two weeks people TWO WEEKS! Pray for me…. does pinning a bunch of packing ideas count as packing? Also I’m going to need a name for this new home! It’s in our small little town and needs a name just as fitting as “the homestead.” 

I am looking forward to sharing this new exciting adventure with all of you! Stay tuned on Snapchat and Instagram for weekly updates handle: thecowboyandi

Comment bellow if there’s any moving and renting posts you would like to see!

The Homestead Goals


Every once in a while I get into a kick of day dreaming what my ultimate homestead would look like. During these kicks my Pinterest account is flooded with some of the most adorable ideas! In the long run I would just love to build a house. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching shows like Fixer Upper but I’m just not sure I would be able to channel my inner Joanna Gaines on that kind of level.  Have any of you built a home? I would love to hear about it!

The pink farmhouse door is obviously one of my favorites, I think painting your front door adds that personal touch of “you”. I also really like dark navy front doors too! I can already imagine our homestead with a pretty painted door. Having a great front porch is another must, because without it you can’t have a cute porch swing like this one! Isn’t it awesome how they repurposed this from another furniture piece!? And as someone who is in change of the household laundry I believe every woman deserves a grand laundry room! If I was Oprah I would be like “you get a new laundry room, and you get a new laundry room!” A homestead just wouldn’t be complete without one. And for the record I love how all these blog and Pinterest laundry rooms are always so clean…. because that’s not staged haha!

 Another feature I would appreciate in a homestead would be an outdoor porch closed in. This creates such a perfect nook to read your Bible in the morning, drink your coffee and tea, and unwind. Who wouldn’t want this in their home?! Last but not least a kick butt office! When you love your work space your way more productive and creative. It’s important to have a space in your homestead designated for work that is fun!

What are some of your homestead goals?

xoxo stephanie

Puppies on The Homestead




Some exciting things are happening here on the homestead! Four exciting things to be exact… and they are puppies! Daisy had her babies this month and they are all sooooooooo cute!!. I woke up one morning to let Daisy out of her kennel like normal and there they were all curled up in little balls. You simply cannot have a bad day when you get to come home and hold adorable puppies. It’s just not possible. Each puppy is so soft, chubby, and perfect. They are over a two weeks old now and it’s amazing how fast they are growing! All the puppies have opened their eyes and have started to walk in spurts. I’ve never dealt with puppies this young before so it’s been a complete adventure. Just this week the cowboy and I came home from a date day and all four puppies had escaped the kiddie pool we keep them in. It was so funny to see them stumbling and crawling around the kitchen! Needless to say we had to rearrange their living space. Poor Daisy every time we come home from work she just looks at us with these sad eyes and her ears laid back on her head like “help me…thank goodness your home!”. I think these pups are running her out of energy. Which isn’t a bad thing for the cowboy and I. The puppies are now learning to play with each other and bark which is fun but also annoying at the same time. The part I’m most excited about though is finding these puppies their forever homes.

Do you have any helpful puppy advice? If you do leave them in a comment bellow! I would love any help I can get!

ps. I know these photos aren’t the best quality, it’s hard to snap a good shot when you’re squealing with excitement. For more blurry photos and videos of adorable puppies check out my snapchat @thecowboyandi

xoxo stephanie

Farmhouse Decore | Spice Rack









Spring is about to burst I can feel it! And I can see it. Flowers are popping up here and there all around our homestead. The other day I cut some of these beautiful blooms to brighten up the inside of our home. They pretty pop of pink brings a smile to my face every time I see them. But besides these adorable blooms I wanted to share with you my latest flee market find. I find the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to be so true. Especially when it comes to flea market shopping! I picked up this adorable spice rack the other week for a steal, it even came with the cute jars! I loved the distressed look and uniqueness of this piece. Not only is it functional it can also be used simply to display flowers to brighten up your cooking space. The possibilities are endless. That’s my favorite part about shopping through antique stores, garage sales, and flea markets. With a little inspiration you could create something beautiful.

xoxo stephanie

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