Summer Makeup Routine





It’s no secret I’m white. Or should I say pale? Translucent? Clear? Porcelain? Somehow even when I have a tan I still look white! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come to grips with this a long time ago and I love my skin color. But finding a good bronzer has been next to impossible. All I want it a nice glow, I don’t want to look orange. Ever. And so often bronzers turn my skin orange or make it look like I have dirt on my face…. great. Summer time is the season where everyone wants that nice natural glowing look. Every girls goal is to achieve this during the hot days of summer.

I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin recently and today I thought it would be fun to show you my summer makeup routine and the products I use to achieve my favorite natural summer look!

First I always begin with a freshly washed face. I don’t need to remind you how important it is to wash your face every morning and every night to keep it clean and healthy, do I? Starting with a freshly washed and moisturized face I now add primer. I only use primer when working with mineral powder which is my go to foundation. I enjoy using the Mary Kay Foundation Primer but I also like Smashbox Photo Finish Primer as well. While my primer is setting I normally go blow dry my hair or check Instagram.

After a few minutes I then apply my foundation. I love bareMinerals Original Foundation, it’s a build-able mineral powder which is what I love about it. Plus bareMinerals offers a wide variety of shades for all skin tones. I’ve been wearing this foundation since I began my makeup journey and always return to it. Once I’ve applied my foundation evenly I add Mary Kay Sunny Spice as my bronzer. This is my go to color for bronzer! It adds that nice warm glow without making my face look like I played in dirt the best part? It’s actually not a bronzer it’s blush! Next I mix Sunny Spice and Strawberry Cream and brush it across the apples of my cheeks. These two colors give my cheeks the perfect summer glow! I’ve also linked bellow some of my favorite makeup brushes!

What are your favorite makeup looks for summer? Any new products you’re just loving? Leave a comment bellow I’d love to know!

xoxo stephanie

Summer Date Night Outfit + Ideas







|| Dress, Similar Dress || Similar Hat ||

 Summer is ranked one of the most romantic seasons. Ok I’m not sure if that’s an actual fact but it seems like a very popular season for dating. Summer offers the best selection of dates in my opinion because there’s so much to do when the weather is nice! Today I’ve come up with some of my favorite summer date night ideas and one of my go to date night outfits!


This dress from Target was worth every single penny. I’m basically holding myself back from buying it in every single color because it’s so comfortable. If you’ve been hanging around here all summer you know it’s blazing hot where I live so dressing cool and cute are top priorities and this dress is a winner! Cute and breezy perfect for a date night outside or inside. I bought this hat when we went on our honeymoon but rarely wear it. I think it adds the perfect splash of summer vibes paired with this dress! To top this look off I’ve added two of my favorite dainty pieces of jewelry, but a statement necklace would also look adorable.

Date Night Ideas

Ice Cream Date – This is one of my favorite date ideas for summer! It’s hot outside,  ice cream is inexpensive, and it’s delicious. Plus Dairy Queen only sells my favorite Blizzard during summer time, it’s the Cotton Candy one!

Mini Golf –  The cowboy and I love to mini golf. We live 45 minuets away from a tourist town so there’s endless amounts of mini golf courses and we love trying new ones on our date nights.

Try a New Restaurant –  It’s fun to try new things and it’s good for your soul! Branch out from your normal and try something new, if you don’t like it no biggie!

Starbucks – C’mon you had to know I would list this one! Nothing is sweeter than grabbing your favorite drink and sitting down to talk, or taking your drink and going for a walk.

What’s your favorite summer date night idea?

xoxo stephanie

Flowy Summer Tanks + Banner Apparel






Summer is in full swing and it is hotter than HOT outside! The kind of hot where you just step outside and your body feels sticky and your hair starts growing. With the temperature rising it’s a constant search to find cute clothes that also give you a cool breeze. The cowboy and I both have cars without AC so I’m always fighting the weather on my clothing options. Dresses and flowy tanks are my go tos!

Flowy tank tops are a perfect wardrobe option for long hot summer days. One of my current favorite tank tops is this one from Banner Apparel. I love this tank because it’s extremely light weight and breathable. You can either dress the it up or dress it down which. This is a piece that every girl needs in her closet. This tank looks great paired with boyfriend jeans shown here, or a cute pair of shorts, or tucked into a skirt. The possibilities are endless!

And the best part of all? This tank is a constant reminder that…

“While we are imperfect in many ways, and we fail often; we are loved perfectly by our gracious Savior.”

Banner Apparel goes above and beyond to design their clothing to be inspirational and fashionable. It’s a win, win! So no matter how hot summer 2016 gets I’ll be staying cool 😉

What are some of your summer wardrobe go tos?

xoxo stephanie

Thorns and Roses






The weather here has been sooooo beautiful! It’s been gradually getting warmer each week and the grass is growing faster than we can mow it. And I am loving it! I’ve been noticing a lot lately about how picture perfect we can make our lives look. With all the social media at our finger tips it becomes quite easy to fool our friends and family into believing our life has no hiccups. But if we are honest with ourselves, our lives are no where near picture perfect. Often times after a photo shoot I  drop the images into photoshop and touch up the imperfections. We try to photoshop our lives to look picture perfect via social media. But I ask myself, why? Why do we feel the need to hide our flaws, and imperfections. Imagine a world where we are encouraged by others imperfections. instead of tearing them down, and creating insecurities. My husband is the best, when I came home from a business trip the other week he had a fresh bouquet of roses in a vase on the table. As I trimmed the beautiful roses I pricked my finger, which often happens when I deal with thorns. Roses always have thorns, it’s part of what makes them beautiful. Would we stop buying roses just because they have thorns? On Valentine’s Day an average of 250 million roses are sold, and all those beautiful roses come with their own thorns. Our imperfections are what makes us beautiful. We shouldn’t feel the need to photoshop our lives. So I encourage you today let your thorns show, no one likes to be around someone who thinks they are perfect. Don’t be that someone. Everyone has a different story, and different thorns. Embrace your life today thorns and all because it’s beautiful.

xoxo stephanie

Better Life Bags




Every girl deserves to feel beautiful, I think everyone would agree to that. And one way to feel beautiful and confident is to carry a fabulous bag! So let me introduce you to Better Life Bags. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat (@thecowboyandi) and Instagram (@thecowboyandi) you may have noticed me talking a lot about Better Life Bags. That’s because I’m %100 sold on their products and their mission. You see Rebecca Smith the owner created this amazing company out of her own home. Her story is amazing but it’s way better when she tells it so check out this video!

I’m sure now you can see why I’m in love. I was able to work with Rebecca, her team, and her products and it has only made me want to purchase even more of their bags and accessories! Ladies I’m telling you, they really are amazing. In April I was gone on a business trip and carried my Harper Better Life Bag with all my camera equipment, jackets, makeup, and other random objects. We walked 10-20 miles a day for a week and a half. You can say this backpack was truly put to the test. The straps on my shoulders never once felt like they were cutting into my skin and I honestly felt like the weight of this backpack was distributed evenly so it never felt too heavy. Not to mention my favorite features like the phone pocket on the back which was super easy to access and the three pockets on the inside large enough to actually hold things without items falling out into the bag. Besides the Harper I’ve also fallen in love with the Beverly Better Life Bag! A perfect every day purse I would say. I love the two deep outside pockets perfect for storing your phone and other items. But my favorite part is that my Vera Bradley planner (aka my life) fits PERFECTLY inside. This is a must for my day to day to purse so I love that the Beverly is up to par. Oh and obviously the fabric and endless combinations are fabulous! That’s right I almost forgot to mention you can custom make your own Better Life Bag which is incredibly cool!

So what are you waiting for! Go check them out!

xoxo stephanie

**This post was not sponsored by Better Life Bags, all opinions expressed are my own.

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