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I Do Married Life

10 Amazing Wedding Ideas

Happy Monday! It’s a happy Monday because you are now half way through the day! Whoot whoot! Why do Monday’s have to be such a drag, I just don’t understand it. You know what’s not a drag though? Planning a wedding! All the excitement and endless possibilities, it’s anything but a drag! Planning The Cowboy […]

I Do Married Life

My Barbies Never Got Married

Growing up I never planned my wedding, my Barbies never got married, and I never played “bride”. My thoughts in high school were not consumed with color swatches and floral arrangements. After The Cowboy & I got engaged my head spun with ideas, and projects.  It was a blast creating such a magical day with […]

Married Life

Perks of Being Married

If I were rich I would buy The Cowboy a million ATVs and dirt bikes and other things with motors to thank him for the other night. Lately I’ve been super homesick and overwhelmed with life. But not anymore! Well I’m still homesick but unless my family all comes and visits me in the middle […]

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