One Year Anniversary Pictures


Tomorrow is The Cowboy & I’s one year anniversary and we can’t believe how fast it has arrived. Last weekend while we were up north we took pictures together in the same location our wedding pictures were taken. Because I thought that would be simply adorable, and now I realize I have to take at least one picture here each year.

I just have to say I think my Mom did a fantastic job taking these and I had to brag on her for a moment. You’re the best Mom! And a huge thank you also to my Dad who took this photo, and was in charge of the props, you two are our heroes!


We had a blast taking these, and recreating some photos from our wedding day. At least this time I didn’t have a giant spider crawling up my dress…

image1 (9)












And yes, we did save the top of our cake and ate it a year later, it honestly wasn’t gross! But I’m a fan of banana cake, and butter cream icing!





I can’t wait to see what pictures we take in our 2nd year of marriage. You know what they say, a pictures worth a thousand words.




A Prayer For Our Husbands


I can’t believe this is the last week of The Cowboy & I’s 1st year of marriage. It’s completely crazy to me how quickly this year flew by. I feel as though Christmas was just last month! Six months ago I posted about some lessons I learned already while being married, you can read it here.

I’ve discovered one of the biggest and most important thing to do within my marriage is to actively pray for my sweet cowboy. Our loving husbands work so hard to provide for us, and to put food on the table. They wake up every morning and make the drive to work just to be brought down by the weight of their workloads. The importance of praying for my cowboy rang true in our marriage once I actively, and specifically started praying for favor in his job. Right away I saw God’s hand working. This morning I thought it would be amazing if we all could join in a prayer for our husbands, future husbands, and way off future husbands.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for my best friend, and husband. Thank you for bringing him into my life at just the right time, and blessing us with the relationship we have. As my Cowboy (place husbands name) begins his work day I pray you give him energy and a clear mind. No matter what today’s work load may look like, or be, I pray you give him the focus and determination to complete his tasks with excellence. As the world around him pours negative ideas, thoughts, and words, into his life I pray you place a hedge of protection around his heart and mind, to stay positive and focused on you. Please give him favor with his bosses, and in his Job if this is your will for his life.

Let my husband be a light that shine bright in his work space, so that all may know him knows he serve a mighty God. Let him love those around him, even those who are hard to get a log with. Give him desernment in business transactions, and meetings. And when he’s out with customers please bless him with the right words to say.

Thank you lord for my husband and thank you for going before him today and already winning the battle.

Imagine the radical change in our marriages of we prayed this over our husbands daily!




10 Amazing Wedding Ideas

Happy Monday!

It’s a happy Monday because you are now half way through the day! Whoot whoot! Why do Monday’s have to be such a drag, I just don’t understand it. You know what’s not a drag though? Planning a wedding! All the excitement and endless possibilities, it’s anything but a drag!

Planning The Cowboy & I’s wedding was so much fun! Let’s just say I had to cut myself off from all the pinning, simply because we couldn’t accomplish everything in a short 9 months. The other day I was thinking to myself, why let these wonderful pins I didn’t use go to waste? That would simply be selfish! Below you will find a compilation of wedding ideas I simply love but didn’t end up using. And ladies they’re all free game!

phonto (6)


Wedding Pins 1


// 1. I loved this wedding cake topper! We decided to go with something more simple and just used flowers. But here’s the link if you wanted to order it!


Wedding Pins 2


// 2. We searched high and low for lighted branches for center pieces and they were no where to be found! We finally decided you have to get them at a certain time of the year, and summer was not it. Either way I love this idea, it’s simple beautiful!

Wedding Pins 3


// 3. Have each girl write on their chalk board how they met the bride and take a photo!


Wedding Pins 4


// 4. IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA! Instead of the traditional place cards for the reception use these!


Wedding Pins 5


// 5. Map out your relationship on a chalk board for your guests to read.


Wedding Pins 6


// 6. Instead of throwing rice throw sprinkles! I’ve heard the photos turn out amazing!


Wedding Pins 7


// 7. “I Spy…” wedding edition! I had the idea instead of using disposable camera have everyone use their cell phones and then post to Instagram with the wedding hash-tag.


Wedding Pins 8


// 8. We didn’t do a groom cake but if we did, this would have been my choice!


Wedding Pins 9


// 9. I’m in love with these rustic invitations, they just didn’t flow with our theme. But look how gorgeous they are!


Wedding Pins 10

// 10. What girl doesn’t want a chandelier at her wedding? This one would look adorable hanging in a barn!


How did you decorate for your wedding? I would love to see some pictures! Tweet me a photo or use the hash-tag #thecowboyandi on Instagram!



My Barbies Never Got Married

phonto (4)

Growing up I never planned my wedding, my Barbies never got married, and I never played “bride”. My thoughts in high school were not consumed with color swatches and floral arrangements. After The Cowboy & I got engaged my head spun with ideas, and projects.  It was a blast creating such a magical day with my  Mom’s help and endless redirection. (gotta love those A.D.D. moments)


I absolutely loved my wedding boots! You can check out the designer here, she’s AMAZING!


I loved our wedding, I know every bride says this but I truly believe our wedding was the best!


The day wouldn’t have been so perfect without the touch of my Mother’s creative mind, and multiple lists! <3


A big thank you to our photographer who captured all the little moments within the day, such as The Cowboy & I praying before the ceremony <3


And a massive thank you to our family friend who video taped our entire day, and created a timeless video for us to keep forever!

We can’t forget our amazing travel agent who helped us plan the most perfect honeymoon ever!

Although I didn’t spend years planning my wedding, I think it was simply perfect in every way!


Perks of Being Married

image (13)

If I were rich I would buy The Cowboy a million ATVs and dirt bikes and other things with motors to thank him for the other night.

Lately I’ve been super homesick and overwhelmed with life. But not anymore! Well I’m still homesick but unless my family all comes and visits me in the middle of nowhere that won’t stop.

The other day The Cowboy told me during work that he had a special night planned. Not going to lie to you that made me nervous. But I got home and jumped in the shower to relax while he started preparing everything. When I got out of the shower The Cowboy had laid out a dress for me to wear on our bed with the following note.



I was  tickled pink! Ladies, could he be more perfect!?

After a little bit The Cowboy escorted me to the dinning room, which he cleaned up and decorated.





He made us an amazing lemon peppered chicken, with seasoned baked potatoes, fried veggies, and rice! I really need to get his recipe to share with you guys!





After dinner we watched Disney’s Cool Running. It was so nice to just relax in our home together. Although it’s been a few weeks it’s still odd to be in a different house, but it felt like home that night when I went to bed.

I am so blessed to call The Cowboy my husband, thank you dear for taking such good care of me XOXO



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