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This holiday season seems to be flying by. I feel as though I will blink and 2016 will be here. With all the craziness of shopping, wrapping, and gift giving it’s easy to forget to slow down. It’s even easier to get so caught up in the “Christmas spirit” we forget to love on our husbands. Sometimes we get wrapped up in giving gifts and loving on others we overlook the needs of those close to us. It’s important to remember to slow down and and let your husband know you appreciate him. Letting your husband know your appreciate him and all the work he does to support you is giving one of the best gifts of all! This gift looks different for each couple, for us it meant getting coffee together just the two of us. I loved this day we spent together, yes it involved Christmas shopping but it also had quality time written all over. I was able to focus and listen to the current needs of my husband, and that is so important to me. Slowing down and taking a step back from our crazy life is something we need to do more often. Today I encourage you to step back, revisit the needs of your husband and spend some quality time together. This could be a simple coffee date, a movie night at home, or a 5 star dinner. Whatever you choose to do don’t forget the reason you’re doing it, to let your husband know you appreciate him. Plus you may get some really good gift ideas while on your date together!

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Inexpensive Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall is in full swing here on the homestead, the leaves are in piles around our trees and I’ve officially pulled out all of my sweaters. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about this lovely weather change, growing up in the north fall and winter were our longest season so I guess that’s why every time fall comes around it brings a smile to my face. Not only is each season fun in their own ways I feel as though the dating atmosphere changes with the seasons as well. Instead of days spent at the beach, or splashing through puddles like summer and spring, fall brings a completely different list of dates to choose from. Today I’ve come up with four fun, and inexpensive fall dates. The best part of all these are perfect for anyone, married, engaged, first date, or fifth date they’re all fun!


1 | Make a Blanket Fort

Sometimes the best date nights are the ones where you just stay home. But to make things more exciting grab those blankets and pillows and let your imagination start flowing! Create the best blanket fort ever and cuddle up inside to watch your favorite movie.

2 | Visit A Pumpkin Patch

There’s nothing more fun during fall than visiting your local pumpkin patch! This always brings a smile to anyone’s face and most of the time it’s cheap fun! Google, or ask around to find some of the best pumpkin patches in your area. I especially love the ones with a bakery, and corn maze. Treat yourself to a delicious snack, pumpkin picking, and getting lost in a maze, how romantic!

3 | Coffee Shop Date

Although simple, it’s sometimes just nice to get out of the house. Coffee shops are perfect for an inexpensive date night. Not only are they open later than most restaurants they also have a cozy atmosphere. You could even eat at home then hit the town for some relaxing fun.

4 | Game Night

Pull out those old board games and invite another couple, or two over. Busting out your old board games and relaxing at home is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my husband, or a group of friends. It’s easy to create a date night atmosphere in your own home with a few extra things. Create a cracker and cheese platter for your guests, and make sure you have some fresh sweet tea made for them to sip on, and don’t forget to light your favorite fall scented candle! Add a little more change to the night by sitting on the floor, with pillows around, this is cozy and different.


There’s just a few inexpensive fall date night ideas for you to choose from! Which one is your favorite?

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Young And Reckless

Young And Reckless

Often times people ask The Cowboy & I an unspoken question.

“Why did you get married so young?”



Back when our parents were our age it was normal, maybe even expected to get married right outta the gate. But times have changed yet again, and marriage is downplayed and it’s no longer “cool”. It’s not the trend to go home every night with the same person, or share your bank account with that same individual. Even the definition of marriage has changed according to America.

So the burning question, “why?”

Because we believed God brought us together to do life together.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You see because we are young we’res still growing up. We’re still a little young and reckless if you ask me. We still make stupid 20 something mistakes,  but the difference is we make these mistakes together, we grow up together. No longer do we have to learn these hard lessons along, we have each other for support 24/7.

When the cowboy and I first got married I thought I had to be exactly like my Mom right away. It took me a few months to realize my Mom and Dad have had years of marriage and experiences that brought them close to each other to build a strong marriage. It didn’t happen over night, so I shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on myself. I think too often people get married young and expect to have a fully decorated house, no debt, and never argue with each other. Then reality sits in, and it’s frustrating because this isn’t how it was suppose to work out.

Marriage Quote

Although you become married over night, marriage doesn’t happen over night. You have to fight for it, and make a conscious decision to serve each other every day. It’s not easy, but what you go through as husband and wife makes being together that much sweeter.

For those young married couples a few months behind the cowboy and I, or maybe a few years behind us, if I could just give you this piece of advice.

It’s ok.

It’s ok not to be perfect and make mistakes. To realize you don’t have it all together, but at least you are together. It’s ok to be young, and once in a while be reckless, because you’re still learning. And through each experience let it bring you and your husband together, instead of pulling you apart. Even when life throws you a curve ball, realize that God has blessed you with a husband (or wife) so you don’t have to face life alone.

By no means do the cowboy and I have it all together, we’re still learning and growing. But I love knowing it’s ok to learn and grow. Besides perfection is overrated.

Marriage Quote 2





Anniversary Weekend

anniversary weekend


For our one year anniversary the cowboy and I decided to spend the weekend away from home, and it was such a nice getaway. It was actually our first vacation together alone since our honeymoon! We had an absolute blast, I’m talking mini golf, movies, theme parks, salt water pools, delicious food, and shopping. I didn’t want to comeback to reality, but alas we had to.

But as we drove home early Monday morning we took with us some splendid memories. Here’s a photo recap of our weekend together.

Day 1 







(killing time before we watch Inside Out, he won this game)

Day 2 


(woke up early to hit the theme park rides before all the families arrived!)


(this pool was adult only salt water, and it was amazing!)





Day 3



(of course we had to get us some Starbucks)





(this restaurant was amazing, the theme of it was too fun)




(although we opted out of the wine tasting, I’m pretty proud of this picture. I snapped this shot while the camera was around the cowboy’s neck)


(we had to have a rematch because I lost the first night. He won again..)



(a weekend getaway wouldn’t be the same without a milkshake to top it all off)

I know this is picture overload but I love reliving our trips through pictures!





One Year & Counting

image1 (10)

A year ago today I said “for better or for worse” and “I Do” to the man of my dreams, and best friend. Our first year has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change a single day for anything!

I know it’s not the trend to get married in your early 20s these days, but I can’t wait to finish growing up, and growing old with my sweet husband. Imagine all the extra crazy times we get to have now!


Thank you so much dear for loving me through my good and through my bad. Thank you for understanding me when I get hangry and when I just need to take a nap. You are one amazing man and I’m so grateful I get to be your wife.

Here’s to another year… 

Another year full of laughter and joy.

Another year full of adventure and pictures.

Another year full of delicious foods, and trying new things.

Another year full of traveling and fixing up our cars.

Another year full of sweet kisses and gentle touches.

Another year full of ministry and learning.

Another year full of walks outside, and dirt road rides.

Another year full of cuddles and movies.

Another year full of crazy blog posts of our life together.

Another year full of growing closer to each other.

Another year full of making our own traditions.

Another year full of back scratches and foot massages.

Another year full of house projects, and broken mirrors.

Another year full of “I love you” s .

Another year full of differences and the beautiful they hold.

Another year full of arguments and making up.

Another year full of being madly in love.

Another year full of Bass Pro, and Target.

Another year full of family.

Another year full of life!


I can’t wait to see what our 2nd year of marriage brings us, but I do know it will be great!

Happy one year babe!




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