Happy Two Year Anniversary







I can’t believe that today marks the cowboy and I’s two year anniversary!

Two years ago today my heart was pounding in my chest, and I couldn’t stop wringing my hands. I knew by the end of the day we would embark on a brand new adventure as husband and wife. My dad walked me down the aisle of the church I grew up in, his sturdy hands calming my nerves. I knew this was going to be the best day of my life. The ceremony itself flew by, I’m so grateful for our wedding video that allows me to re-watch such a special day. I wouldn’t change anything about our wedding. We had all our friends and family with us celebrating and it was simply perfect!

Young girls always ask me “how did you know Chris was the one?” And I just smile. One of the best feelings in the world is when you know you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone. The moment I realized Chris… errr the cowboy… was different was through prayer. Before we officially named what we had together the cowboy would pray with me every single night before we parted ways. This is when I knew he was different. This is when I knew he was “the one.”

Since our wedding day I’ve learned so many things about myself, marriage, and southern living. I love when our anniversary comes around because it gives me great reason to reflect on the past year. Today not only marks two years of being married to my best friend, but it also marks two years of growth!

Happy anniversary Chris, I love you more today than ever before!

xoxo stephanie

A Prayer For Our Husbands 2016







Tomorrow marks two years of marriage for the cowboy and I. Within these past two years one of the most important lessons I am learning is to pray for my sweet husband. Our husbands go through so much and they rarely ask for help. As wives I believe it is our job to pray for our husbands daily. Prayer is a powerful tool we as women of Christ need to be using proactively to support our man! Last year I wrote A Prayer For Our Husbands and felt prompted to rewrite one for 2016. Each year my heart break a little more for our world, and each day our husbands are sent out into the world. Join me in praying for our husbands daily, because prayer works!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for brining me the perfect teammate. You knew exactly what we both would need to compliment each other and work together. You are so good God! Thank you for our marriage, and all that you have done and will do within our lives. There is no greater God than you, for you have created the perfect will for our marriage.  

Today as I pray over my husband I ask that you protect him from harms way on his way to and from work. Give him favor with his bosses and colleagues, and let him be a positive light in his work space. I ask that you sharpen his discernment today, and give him clarity like never before. As he tackles the tasks laid out before him at work I pray you give him the focus he needs to complete them with excellence.

I pray you give him boldness to speak your name so that all who know my husband knows he serves a might God. In today’s world where hate and arguments rage I ask that you give him a wise tongue to know when to speak and when to listen. I ask for an abundance amount of energy over him, and a positive word for all those he interact with.   


Prayer is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

xoxo stephanie

Summer Date Night Outfit + Ideas







|| Dress, Similar Dress || Similar Hat ||

 Summer is ranked one of the most romantic seasons. Ok I’m not sure if that’s an actual fact but it seems like a very popular season for dating. Summer offers the best selection of dates in my opinion because there’s so much to do when the weather is nice! Today I’ve come up with some of my favorite summer date night ideas and one of my go to date night outfits!


This dress from Target was worth every single penny. I’m basically holding myself back from buying it in every single color because it’s so comfortable. If you’ve been hanging around here all summer you know it’s blazing hot where I live so dressing cool and cute are top priorities and this dress is a winner! Cute and breezy perfect for a date night outside or inside. I bought this hat when we went on our honeymoon but rarely wear it. I think it adds the perfect splash of summer vibes paired with this dress! To top this look off I’ve added two of my favorite dainty pieces of jewelry, but a statement necklace would also look adorable.

Date Night Ideas

Ice Cream Date – This is one of my favorite date ideas for summer! It’s hot outside,  ice cream is inexpensive, and it’s delicious. Plus Dairy Queen only sells my favorite Blizzard during summer time, it’s the Cotton Candy one!

Mini Golf –  The cowboy and I love to mini golf. We live 45 minuets away from a tourist town so there’s endless amounts of mini golf courses and we love trying new ones on our date nights.

Try a New Restaurant –  It’s fun to try new things and it’s good for your soul! Branch out from your normal and try something new, if you don’t like it no biggie!

Starbucks – C’mon you had to know I would list this one! Nothing is sweeter than grabbing your favorite drink and sitting down to talk, or taking your drink and going for a walk.

What’s your favorite summer date night idea?

xoxo stephanie

Our Wedding Vows Part 1





As soon as the cowboy asked me to be his forever I knew I wanted to write our own vows. Here I was thinking this would be an easy task, writing all the things I want to promise to my future husband. Little did I know I wouldn’t finish my vows till the week of my wedding! I know, I know, I’m terrible but life happens. With today’s trend to marry at convenience I wanted to make my vow to the cowboy to ring true and personal. Something to remind myself and my soon to be husband, at the time, the reasons I love him. Writing out my vows gave me the opportunity to sit down and think about why I love the man I was about to marry and what God had in store for us. Even if you don’t plan on reciting your own vows on your wedding day in front of all your friends and family I would encourage you to still exchange these vows personally. There’s nothing more powerful than writing out why you love someone and can’t wait to start forever with them. One thing that helped me when writing my vows was reading inspiration from others. Today I’m posting the vows I wrote for my cowboy on our wedding day to inspire the importance of marriage.

“Chris, from the moment we started this adventure together I loved how spontaneous, funny, caring and respectful you were, not to mention how much you love God. Today I vow to give hope to your dreams, and encouragement to your goals, I vow to put God first in our marriage because without Him we wouldn’t be here today. I vow to stand with you through the storms of life, and learn how to dance in the rain. I vow to always hold you hand because the spaces between your fingers fit perfectly in mine, and I vow to be your wife, companion, and best friend all the days of my life.”

I love being able to look back on the wedding vows we exchanged and remember why we first fell in love. It’s a sweet reminder of the grander plan God has for our marriage. No matter what life throws in our path these vows serve as a reminder of how it all started, and why.


xoxo stephanie

Married & Bright














Happy February y’all!

Ladies, I don’t know about you but I’m extremely picky about my lingerie. And by lingerie I simply mean my bra and panties. Ever since I was in high school I saw the value in these items. Not only does a good brand last longer they also feel better on your skin. And a matching set of bra and panties can give a girl a whole new level of confidence. Go a head laugh if you don’t believe me. But trust me I know what I’m talking about, and so does Annika the creator, owner, and designer for Married & Bright.

“Married & Bright is made for the girl who is strong, powerful, and full of life. She loves dinner parties, movie dates, and being the first one on the dance floor. She believes in Netflix, mimosas, donuts, and sleeping in.  She’ll never pick a fight, but will always get the last word. She bakes her own birthday cake, gets lost in books, takes hours-long bubble baths, and will eat chocolate anything. She is confident in her own skin, and not afraid to show it.”

I talk a lot about self confidence around here because it breaks my heart to see a girl lacking in self acceptance. We’re all beautiful inside and out! That’s what I love so much about Married & Bright, it encourages women to feel comfortable, and confident in their own skin no matter their size. Not to mention the fact that their products are to die for. During my weekly scroll on Instagram I came across Annika’s profile and immediately I fell in love. Creativity just oozes from this girl, it’s inspiring and contagious. Not to mention her feed is full of girlyness! But can we talk about the product, like seriously. I didn’t even want to take this set off to take pictures of it, that’s how comfortable and amazing it is! And would I ever lie to you?! The answer to that is NO! One thing I hate when it comes to clothing, of any type, is when the material is scratchy. There’s nothing worse then sitting in a meeting or the middle of church and you can’t stop fidgeting because the bra you have on is rubbing your sweater which is causing everything to itch. This Earn Your Stripes set in pink was the exact opposite of itchy. I squealed when the cowboy brought in the gold package and I couldn’t wait to try everything on. To put this set to the test I wore it all day while running around doing errands and attending meetings, then I rocked this pretty pink set around the house in true lazy form. I was in heaven! Nothing poked me, nothing itched, nothing was too tight, it was perfect. Another noteworthy plus to Married & Bright’s bralettes is there’s no underwires wires. This is a make or break it for me personally. Underwires in bras aggravate your breasts and have been  known to add to the risk of breast cancer. So no underwires is a must for me, and it’s so nice to find bras that offer this option without taking away the sexiness, or cute factor. Another bonus is you get to choose when ordering if you want to add a clasp or not. They’re so soft and comfy you could even wear them to bed if you get one without the clasp! Now comes the questions I know some of you are wanting to ask, and yes you can custom order your size! Hooray!

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching us and every wife wants to surprise her husband with something cute and sexy. And I truly believe a new bra and pantie set will give her that extra boost of confidence to see herself as beautiful. But even if you’re not married and you just want to treat yo’ self this Valentine’s Day then Married & Bright is perfect for you! Order before February 8th if you’re wanting something specific for Valentine’s Day! Oh and not to mention the wedding sets, and bridesmaid sets are both stinking cute!

I’m also in love with this bralette, and this one, oh and this one, and we can’t forget this one! Can you tell I have an addiction? Which ones are your favorites?



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