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I Do Married Life

10 Amazing Wedding Ideas

Happy Monday! It’s a happy Monday because you are now half way through the day! Whoot whoot! Why do Monday’s have to be such a drag, I just don’t understand it. You know what’s not a drag though? Planning a wedding! All the excitement and endless possibilities, it’s anything but a drag! Planning The Cowboy […]

I Do Married Life

My Barbies Never Got Married

Growing up I never planned my wedding, my Barbies never got married, and I never played “bride”. My thoughts in high school were not consumed with color swatches and floral arrangements. After The Cowboy & I got engaged my head spun with ideas, and projects.  It was a blast creating such a magical day with […]

I Do Married Life

Anti-Stress Kit

Let me just tell you friends, I have been blessed to know one of the sweetest girl in the world, and that is not an understatement. Martha and I have been friends since we were little, but just within the past few years we have grown close. And can I just say, praise God! I […]

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