The Big 21!


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I’m so excited it’s finally my birthday month, and this year it’s a big one! Cue the music, cue the streamers, cue the glitter, I’m feeling… 21!!!

For a little reflection and because I felt the need to make a list I’ve come up with 20 highlights of my 20th year. In no specific order, let’s get to it!

1. Graduating college!
2. Getting hitched!
3. My Mom beating breast cancer!
4. My Dad helping me set up my apartment at school.
5. Getting my first pair of real cowboy boots.
6. Speaking at Momentum Youth Group.
7. Finding my wedding dress
8. Creating The Cowboy & I
9. Going to Disney World for our Honeymoon!
10. Cavenders using my Instagram photo as advertisement.
11. 4th of July week!
12. Christmas with all the kids home!
13. Shopping with my Mom
14. Visiting all my new friends in Arkansas
15. Eating pizza with my parents
16. Babysitting my cousins
17. My Mom visiting us on The Homestead
18. Celebrating my brother’s birthday with Rootbeer Float Cake!
19. Designed For Life Womens Conference  
20.  Going to my first rodeo! 

There you have it 20 highlights of my 20th year on earth, exciting stuff I know! I’m bursting with excitement to see what God has for year 21, I know He’s going to rock my world!

What exciting things have you done this year? I would love to hear about it, leave me a comment bellow!


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